About Us

The Best Damn Nerd Show is a weekly podcast covering the best and worst in nerd culture including movies, TV, video games, comics, board games, toys, and more.

BDNS Group Photo

The Origin

From the dimly lit basements of childhoods spent huddled over a D&D table, to comic book stores that set their mind ablaze, and LAN parties where sleep wasn’t an option — these nerds knew they had a choice: live a nerd or die a normie. And thus, in 2009, on the campus of San Francisco State University, these nerds answered the call and birthed The Best Damn Nerd Show, a weekly radio show unlike any before it, giving the deserving their weekly interval of laughs, cringes, and up-to-date nerdy hot takes.

However, their mission was far from over. The voice in their shared vision spoke clearly to them — celebrate the nerds around the world, bridge the divide between the uninitiated and the nerdy, and herald in a glorious era of nerd-dom to be shared by all. A world where anyone can wear a Thor t-shirt to their 9-5, come back to the office at lunchtime with Wendy’s spicy nuggets, and not be shunned. This is the world of which they dreamt.

The Advance & The Retreat

The show grew and, before the nerds knew it, people were saying “BDNS” in hushed tones around every corner. The jocks gathered in the laundry room to discuss Jeff’s Warhammer knowledge in awe, to celebrate Tim’s magnificent achievements around Azeroth, and to debate whether or not James even likes Star Wars at all. But all things must adapt or die and, with college coming to end, the show would change forever.

Persevering against the odds, a hardcore group of nerds, known as the fearsome four, carried the show on their broad (and Davis’s hairy) backs for eleven years. Long enough for Frodo to round trip Bag End to Mount Doom nearly six times! But, something was changing. Hot girls began to put on glasses claiming to be nerds, Marvel and DC started to shit out movies, and the world grew darker by the day. This wasn’t the world they envisioned. And so they watched, and they waited, for the time was not yet ripe.

BDNS Revision 3

The Return

Suddenly, out of the darkness, a bright light shown. Ten/o Media Network, a real company, descended from the rafters of EVO and welcomed the nerds with open arms, forming a partnership based on trust, respect, and not having anyone else to sign. And, so it is, the Best Damn Nerd Show is back. Back to save The Nerdosphere from the droves of would-be nerds invading the hobbies they hold so dear. Buckle up, nerds, and take your weekly interval, “loud and proud.”

The Hosts

James Kincaid

Microphone Alchemist

Jeff Budd

Imperial Commissar

Chris Davis

Professor, School for Gifted Youngsters

Marc Truex

CSO, Star Labs

Jonathan Craig

HOF Cyberathlete

Chris Ceglia

Final Boss

Timothy Childs