Google Glass Is…Who Am I Kidding, Frakking Awesome

As much as I want to bag on this technology and talk about how we have this endless need to share worthless crap, I just can’t. You can rip on it for everyone is going to look like Jordy from Star Trek TNG, but you know what…Jordy was fucking cool so why wouldn’t you. I’m not sure how much I would want to wear this considering I know how much I either lose or break a pair of sunglasses, but I would definitely want to give these a shot as long as the price tag is not crazy. Would you wear these Nerdosphere and what would you wear them for? I think our first video would have to be a Google hangout for lucky fans to follow us in our Comic Con adventures.

Update: Slated for an early 2014 release, developer editions are priced at a whopping $1,500. The BDNS will be taking donations soon enough so you can follow our movements. So pony up that cash cheap skates haha.

Your Own Disney Toy Box

Disney is creating the game below, Disney Infinity, and it makes me want to cry tears of absolute joy. A sandbox game in nature and this pretty much sums it up:

It’s a free-play area where gamers can use their toys however they want. Like LittleBigPlanet, they can create their own levels and types of games, which include racers and platformers. They can mix characters from different films. It’s basically a virtual world where a younger generation can have their own adventures.

…The raw materials for building these play lands will come from Play Sets, which are essentially themed worlds that limit the playable figurines to those that are part of the universe. Players go through developer-designed missions in each world and earn new items to use in the toy box. If that weren’t enough, Disney plans on selling 20 power discs that contain enhanced environments, gadgets and more.

~Mercury News

The big thing Disney is banking on here is earning a constant cash flow which is similar to DLC, but much more creative in my mind. Pretty much just watch the trailer below and start thinking about which characters you want to play with and what types of things you want to build. For more details check out San Jose”s .

You Are A Child’s Play Thing!

Two fine gentlemen got the okay from Pixar to make the full length recreation of Toy Story using stop motion and their toys from the movies they have collected. I mean how does this act of nerdery not just make you smile. Kudos to these guys and way to be a sport Pixar.

C0(!< Blocking Ice Cubes

See that in the title? I still spelled cock hehe. I’m so damn clever, but not as clever as this f!@# from MIT thinks he is. He has invented ice cubes that tell you when they think you’re drinking too much. Seems to me from this video it just counts to three and then blinks red. Three drinks? 3!? F that. Sorry I’m not drunk after 3 drinks, especially if I’m just hangin have some light beers. This doesn’t pick up alcohol content, just the amount of times you drink. These frozen mistakes as will text your friends warning them when they think you’re in trouble. This would be more annoying to my friends than a Farmville invite. Apparently this came about when this MIT student had a night he couldn’t remember and ended up in the hospital. Just live and learn dude. I mean if this incident already freaked you out enough to invent these I’d say you learned your lesson. If you’re trying to prevent this from happening to others then good luck. After 3 drinks most will think they’re not impaired yet and will continue to drink and say, ‘F these ice cubes, I just wanna dance with my girls.’ Riddle me this MIT student; if you’re trying to stop girls (people in general) from drinking to much, how are you ever gonna get laid? Oh snap! Up Top! *Self high five was awarded*

A Great Big 'Meh'

The video below is for Microsoft”s . Just a concept video, but the more I watch what they”re trying to sell here the more I feel like an old fart. Am I wrong to hate all these new ways to expand gaming past the television? 3D is the worst  and now there”s going to be lights and shitty graphics on my walls and furniture around me? I feel like the Grinch right now. I”m not the only one here on this perch right? Someone make me feel better about myself without having to pay you.

Project Shield Is Not Related To S.H.I.E.L.D.

NVIDIA”s new handhold game system titled only right now as “Project Shield” made it”s debut yesterday to the media and well it”s pretty much an Xbox 360 controller with a 5″ screen attached and in no way shape of form related to The Avengers. I mean I got a pretty sick phone now with high level gaming capabilities and I really don”t need this at all, but hey all you kids without cars look what”s coming your way!



Top 5 Essential Andriod Apps for the 21st Century Nerd


Angry Birds Star Wars

In an age where we have limitless information and gadgets at our fingertips, nerds have never before had such ready access to their passions. Here is a list (in no particular order) which I find to be quintessential for any nerd, and yes… they are free.

  1. – Because smart phones were designed to waste copious amounts of time on trivial games. In this latest addition to the popular series we are given Luke Skywalker red birds and a Pig Star, battling all over Tatooine.
  2. – Too many comics are on the market nowadays and it gets difficult to keep track of our new releases, comic shopper gives you release date shopping lists, price points, and blurbs about every title out there. It”s my best friend.
  3. – Because astronomy is the shit, now you can point and view all constellations and planets in the night”s sky. It”s like having my own personal Lt. Chekov in my pocket. Though I still can”t find the Dagobah system for the life of me.
  4. – Marvel Comic”s Easter egg app let”s you behind the scenes of your favorite titles, like raw pencil sketches and scientific probabilities of an actual dark Phoenix event.
  5. – Whether fighting back hordes of storm troopers or defending against an imperial wedgie, this weapon is fawned over by many a nerd for decades. This particular model comes with customizable hilts, color crystals, and even various soundtrack options to keep you pumped and slashing toward victory.

Any app you wished to see that did not make it on the list? An app you can”t live without? And fuck iPhones

R2-D2 Knows How To Party

Well my list for things I must own before I die just expanded. Check out this active R2-D2 that doubles as a keg. Just make sure I can move it by remote and this little guy and myself can have some good ol’ times.

Via Geekologie

Loot of the Week: Get The Pizza & Porkrinds Ready

Yea that’s the Ninja Turtle Party Van that carries 23 DVD’s of the original show. If you’re not already drooling over this then you have too much pride in what your living room looks like. What guest of yours wouldn’t be impressed and then start a deep conversation about the possibility of April O’Neil shacking up with a Turtle? Okay maybe not that conversation, but something along those lines. This DVD awesome pack comes out in November for only $100. 23 DVD’s for $100? What’s the catch you might ask? Actually nothing, just ninja vanish after buying this and keep laughing to yourself knowing you’d probably pay $200 for it.

Via Reddit

I Do Need You, I Need You Now

We have 3 hrs to buy this shirt from Qwertee and when I say we I mean me. Which I shall do so after writing this post. Ummm this my just be the best shirt ever even without David Bowie on it. From the movie online casinos Labyrinth, it has all of Sarah”s pals on there in all their creepy glory. It going for $12 with shipping being $6. So go to Qwertee and drop a 20 spot for this awesome attire and we can go out together and match.

You remind me of the babe...

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