Diary of a Nerdette: Online Gaming Adventures

So I’ve decided to do an experiment. I’m going to spend a disturbing amount of time on Xbox live this week trying to record the most hilarious, gross, rude things guys say to me when they realize I’m a lady. I might add in some stuff from real life, too.

I hope none of you are guilty of the cock sucking jokes and other sexist jokes. For your sake, I hope not. I have a very colorful vocabulary. With that said, I was shocked to find the problem the first few days was not the guys, but actually me. Have I mentioned I’m incredibly competitive?

Yesterday, I was playing with these two guys who were higher than kites. It took them a bit to realize I was girl. At first, it wasn’t a big deal, but then when he invited me to their party and I saw he was a Dodgers and Lakers fan, it was ON. What began a Sports argument turned into…well, the expected.


“So, Olive…A,B,C,D or DD”. Body type questions ensued. I was amused more than angry, mostly because they were so baked that it was hilarious. I’m curious how they were picturing me in their head. Their expectations were probably something like this:

While we were playing in the same party, they were actually pretty cool guys. They would get all protective of me when people would try to kill me and/or teabag me (way longer than necessary, I might add..)

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Diary of a Nerdette: Zombie and Sex Toys?!?

I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t come up with this originally. Oh well, there is another awesome and equally perverse person as I out in the world.

There are a lot of methods of fighting Zombies out there butthis one gets an A for creativity. Now, this method of battling would not work in the long term, but if you find yourself needing a quick escape, and happen to be in the middle of some nasty kinky sex, then this is the way to do it. Here are a series of four videos: All different ways of escaping a zombie attack with Sex toys. I know, I’m on a roll with these nerdy sex toy articles. I might have a radar for it or something. Anyway, personally, I think the right idea is there but they could definitely implement different ways, some of which I will add.


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Tuesday Cosplay To Get You Through The Week

Don’t think I need to say much for these ladies that they’re not already doing for themselves. It is always fun to look and judge which one is best though. So take your pick. Who are you going to ruffie?

Veronika Gorlova as Poison

RedFanGirl as Red Sonja

Rin Davis as Dark Supergirl

Paradise Cosplay as X-Men's Storm


Dairy of a Nerdette: My Vision

I was never one of those little girls who dreamed about their wedding day and planned it out down to the very last detail..until now. I had a vision, a burst of inspiration, so nerdy that I just had to share with you all. In my vision, I saw a Star Wars Wedding which got me to planning on Pinterest. Incredibly convenient way to plan a wedding, by the way.

I will show you a glimpse of my ideas because I need to share this with people who will appreciate it, not think I’m a freak.

Endor Is Quite Beautiful This Time Of Year

First of all, it’s pretty much set in stone that whoever I may marry will be a nerd, or at least someone that will tolerate all my unique and quirky qualities. If they can’t handle this, they’re not worth marrying. Second of all, I like simplicity so this won’t be something where everyone is running around blindly in masks, drunk as f*^% and hurting themselves trying to dance. Being incredibly drunk? Perfectly fine. I’m just picturing a nose dive into the cake or something.

If there is anything about my wedding that I’ve always known, it’s that it will be in the mountains, among the redwoods. Perfect wedding destination? Endor, of course. Well, something like it, anyway. Behold:

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Girls Get To Your Sewing Machines

From Kelsey Michelle comes designs for Avengers dresses. Pretty big fan of these ladies so let’s get on this. If not for me than at least for Jon or Jeff, you know the pretty ones. Also if you’re getting married the bride should be the White Queen and the brides maids should dress up as these. Best. Wedding. Ever.

Via IO9

Diary of a Nerdette: Bucket List

Dear my nerdy brethren,

Not that any of this is cool gaming news, or movie updates, but regardless I’m subjecting you to my nerdy hopes and dreams: my bucket list. Deal with it.

1) Go to Comic-Con

Okay, so being able to go to SD is pretty much out of the question this year for me. I have no car, little money and am just starting a new nannying job. I dream of the day when I can frolick among fellow nerds in costume and indulge in whatever nerdiness I please. Maybe I’ll meet my future husband there. Totally kidding.

2) Sew my own Superhero costume and flaunt it to the world

With the appearance of Rex Velvet and Phoenix Jones in Seattle, this only seems appropriate. But don’t get me wrong, a lady superhero of San Francisco would be fucking rad, but that’s a gig I can’t commit to. However, I would like to dress up and pretend for one day that I am, indeed, a superheroine and get incredibly drunk-probably in reverse order. Maybe put a tiny video camera between my boobs and capture the magic. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely share that footage if this ever happens. Side Note: I would like to thank SFSU Health Center for being the source of my inspiration (see pic below). New superhero alias…what do ya think?

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Hitman: Absolution ‘Attack of the Saints’ Trailer

Hot female assassins dressed as slutty nuns. Yea I’m in. Anyone still play these games or ever did? Never got into them myself. I guess the better question is can anyone else not get Saving Silverman out of there heads with these hot nuns? Maybe a little Neil Diamond will cool me off.

Loot Of The Week: T&A…The Other Super Power

Some people say the best super power is money (Batman & Iron Man). I got to say I disagree after viewing this. DC has released superhero style bikinis and boxers, but let’s not focus on the latter because the bikinis are much better. I mean wow, that Wonder Woman one is quite… titillating. Sorry had to throw that in there. I think the best part about these are that they’re not so over the top and that any girl may consider buying them. Maybe I’m just living in a dream world too, but if I buy this for every girl I start dating ever again I bet I can get one of them to wear it willingly. Yes willingly was necessary in that sentence. What about the nerdosphere? How do you like them and which one is best? Any other superheroes you’d like to see walk poolside from any universe?


Via Comicbookmovie.com

Loot Of The Week – Valentines Day Rampage

What better way to take all your single life frustrations than blowing up a ton of shit! Take a moment from polishing your joystick and join classic characters like Sweet Tooth and Mr. Grimm in this new installment of car combat. If you remember the first two of the series than you won’t be disappointed here. This game sticks to it’s roots and will bring all the arcade like fun back into your depressing night tonight. You want to know the best part about being single though? Since we are single we now have the money we would have spent on dinner, flowers, and rufilin (what just me?) to spend on amazing games like Twisted Metal 3. Awesome game, but even better release date. Bravo, bravo.

Loot Of The Week – Land That Nerd And Keep Him!

With Valentines Day right around the corner you’re gonna need to know how to date a nerd and what you’re gonna have to do to keep him. Trust me ladies you may ignored for video games or that weekly LARP session, but how should you cope with it? How should you react? And should you just try to join in with him? It’ll be worth it, trust me. Who else is going to fill your fantasies dressing up as your favorite Disney character? Or will ‘allow’ you to beat him at Mario Kart? Or most definitely will aim to always make sure you are pleased…we always go for the high score.