Your Own Disney Toy Box

Disney is creating the game below, Disney Infinity, and it makes me want to cry tears of absolute joy. A sandbox game in nature and this pretty much sums it up:

It’s a free-play area where gamers can use their toys however they want. Like LittleBigPlanet, they can create their own levels and types of games, which include racers and platformers. They can mix characters from different films. It’s basically a virtual world where a younger generation can have their own adventures.

…The raw materials for building these play lands will come from Play Sets, which are essentially themed worlds that limit the playable figurines to those that are part of the universe. Players go through developer-designed missions in each world and earn new items to use in the toy box. If that weren’t enough, Disney plans on selling 20 power discs that contain enhanced environments, gadgets and more.

~Mercury News

The big thing Disney is banking on here is earning a constant cash flow which is similar to DLC, but much more creative in my mind. Pretty much just watch the trailer below and start thinking about which characters you want to play with and what types of things you want to build. For more details check out San Jose”s .

And Right There, BOOM! Tough Action Lawsuit

Hey remember NFL 2k5? Remember how amazing of a football game it was? If my 360 let me I”d play that for eternity as the only football game I”d ever play again. Welp that was the last time someone was allowed to make a football game other than EA. Why? Because they”ve put a stranglehold on the NFL license and have somehow got by not being a monopoly. Well guess what…they f”n are and NFL and NCAA football games have been mediocre since. No competition means no worries. It”s like hakuna matata for the corporate world. This is why Playstation”s “The Show” get”s best sports game of the year consistently because 2k is trying to keep up. What”s the point of all this professor you may be asking yourself. EA is about to answer for the last 7 years in court and we can all benefit from it. For details about how . I”m gonna draw up the next play for ya Madden; Ya see ya see right here *circles a$$hole* is where you”ve been f!@#$%^ us all these years, now if you check your bank account you”ll be seeing us taking your money.



Time To Piss Yourselves Again

Dead Space 3 is near release and 30 min of gameplay footage has been released (below). I’m not gonna lie and say I love these game because they’re so scary. That’s just the wrap they get and I’ve never played them. I’ve heard of people piss themselves and of just screaming in delight of actual terror. Overall I just know people like these games and want to see this footage so you’re welcome. Don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya! Also I know a guy that works on these games and he’s pretty cool so I’m giving it some love.

Gaming Beauty

I’m mostly using the trailer below for The Cave to show how awesome games are becoming and just the shear beauty behind them. Last year there was The Puppeteer (not even sure if it’s out yet) and of course the highly acclaimed Journey, a masterpiece to say the least. I think for me it all started with Shadow of the Colossus and the grand scope of that whole game. Yes it was quite simple, but it was beautiful no matter how frustrating at times (sorry broken controller #8). How bout you fellow nerds? What’s the most beautiful game you ever played that could back it up with the game play?

Trespasser, The Jurassic Park Game I Truly Wanted

Earlier last week a Jurassic Park mod was announced using the Half Life 2 system and looked to be coming along nicely, but definitely needed more work. Still very exciting. Now someone is recreating the Jurassic Park game Trespasser, one of my all time favorites. I’m really not sure if it was well received, but it gave me everything I wanted; an original story, fairly hard gameplay (ammo is really tough to find sometimes), and just an overall good JP game. Using the Far Cry 3 engine this is looking phenomenal (the storm and palm tress especially). They better not take out the graphic of that when you look down you see your characters massive breasts. Had some good memories with those great cans. Oh well can’t wait for these mods and see which one is better.

A Great Big 'Meh'

The video below is for Microsoft”s . Just a concept video, but the more I watch what they”re trying to sell here the more I feel like an old fart. Am I wrong to hate all these new ways to expand gaming past the television? 3D is the worst  and now there”s going to be lights and shitty graphics on my walls and furniture around me? I feel like the Grinch right now. I”m not the only one here on this perch right? Someone make me feel better about myself without having to pay you.

Project Shield Is Not Related To S.H.I.E.L.D.

NVIDIA”s new handhold game system titled only right now as “Project Shield” made it”s debut yesterday to the media and well it”s pretty much an Xbox 360 controller with a 5″ screen attached and in no way shape of form related to The Avengers. I mean I got a pretty sick phone now with high level gaming capabilities and I really don”t need this at all, but hey all you kids without cars look what”s coming your way!



And Bingo, Dino DNA

Hold onto your butts because it turns out someone is making a mod of Half Life 2 SP, Jurassic Park style. Color me excited because anything Jurassic Park and I’m all over it. Definitely one of my favorite movies of all time and I’m pretty sure I’ve played all the games. This one however is getting down to the gritty details it looks like; turning the generator back on, facility logistics, ect. Granted this game is still undergoing a lot of work, I still got chills watching the footage. I hope they spare no expense at making this an awesome Jurassic Park game.

Need To Kill A Few Hours? Here’s What Killed My Morning

While looking through Reddit’s ‘Best Of’ lists to compare my own to the people of the universe that work as much as Peter Gibbons in Office Space do, I came across the best of mobile gaming of 2012. Unfortunately the game that was getting a ton of street cred was only for iPhone, which I have recently ran away from to witness the awesomeness of the Galaxy. Come to find out though you can play it just regularly online for free. So check out Kingdom Rush people because this game lost me for about 2 hours this morning before I realized what the hell I was doing.

To describe the game play it is quite simple and it is because of such that the game is so enjoyable. A tower defense strategy game for certain you main goal is to stop the forces of goblins, trolls, dark knights, wargs, ect. from making it to the end of the map where your city lies. You must place archery towers, barracks, wizard towers, and cannons in the best positioning to hold off the forces as best you can. At first you can probably just put any tower in any of the set spots and be just fine, but eventually if gets pretty complicated and you’re going to need to step away from your phone/pc for a while…hence this article. Anyways check out Kingdom Rush and lose yourself in a great mobile game.

The War Z Finally Held Accountable

So if you haven’t been following gaming news and forums the last couple days you may not have heard about the game on Steam called The War Z that has been causing quite the stir. Why? Pretty much because the game is still in alpha testing mode and their write-up on Steam of what the game includes is pretty much completely false. Claiming that they have private servers, saying the maps are bigger than they really are, how big the servers are, ect. I must say as well when I read the write-up about the game I was really interested in trying it out. Pretty much an open world where you try to survive a zombie apocalypse. Scavenge, trade, earn skill points, no leveling, ect. Very intriguing at least to me. That is until I watched the gameplay/review video below (it’s long but just watch the first couple mins and you’ll get it).

So as you can see it looks pretty bad. If you can’t tell yet then watch more. Anyhoo after a crazy amount of emails and complaints to Steam they have pulled it off their servers and are offering a full refund. Bravo Steam, bravo. At least they can own up when they’re wrong. Executive producer of The War Z, Sergey Titov, continues to say that consumers were at fault and were reading what they wanted to hear when it clearly states on Steam what the game offers, most of which are false. Just happy they have fixed this now and hopefully Hammerpoint Interactive will finish this game because I would really like to play a final project…just not one that looks and feels like a half finished college project and trust me I know what they look like.