Episode #233

The nerds discuss the recent Flash & Arrow season debuts, comic talk with Marcy Marc, & more!

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Episode #232

The nerds discuss new TV shows The Muppets & Scream Queens, expectations for Arrow, Flash, & The X-Files after their season preview trailers, how ol’ Billy Finger is finally getting credit for Batman, a big discovery on Mars (sounds like Mars needs some freedom!), and possibly a wrestling segment.

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KublaCon 2013

There”s three things I learned from our day at KublaCon; testing new games is awesome, a new marketing tactic should be implemented, and James is truly one lucky bastard…emphasis on bastard or really any word that could possibly encompass the lucky breaks this guy gets in board games. We”ll get to that in a bit though.

KublaCon 2013 (San Francisco, CA) offers a sanctuary for lovers of dice, tactics, and game miniatures. There”s hundreds of board games being played simultaneously in main lobbies and in more private rooms for those that hate natural light and may or may not feed on human flesh. Games included my favorites Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones and many games of Settlers of Catan and many miniature war dice games that included amazing game environments (full battlefields, miniature cities, barren wastelands). There”s also plenty of different types of games that aren”t just for the hardcore or scifi-ish nerdy gamer. An aspect of this Con that needs to be addressed.

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Iron Man 3 Suits That Fly

If you haven’t listened to our latest Movie Night then you probably don’t know that I was extremely disappointed in Iron Man 3. However this Mash-up of the Suit & Tie with Iron Man 3 themes make it almost completely worth it!…Almost. Really a well executed and funny video. As many kudos as I ate at lunch go out to the creators.


Roger Ebert Reviews The BDNS

This is the gem of an email I came upon that we read in Episode #147. Kudos to the writer.



From: Roger Ebert
Subject: 3 Star Review
Now that I have a plethora of downtime I have immersed myself in the bowels of
horrid podcasts found within the depths of the internet. To my surprise, I found one
notable podcast just worthy of mention.

The Best Damn Nerd Show, commonly referred to as “The BDNS” or “The League of
Really Gay Friends”, consists of a motley crew of humorous, self-deprecating,
narcissists. Despite their aimless chatter, lack of original content, poor
production value, gratuitous homosexual overtones, and overall inept knowledge of
subject matter, “The BDNS” somehow provide an entertaining experience.

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Iron Man 3 Review *Spoilers Abound*

You lose your hat back there? Heard a kid lost his head trying to show off on that roller coaster of a movie that was Iron man 3. After perusing a ton of other reviews for this movie I can definitely say I’m stoked at the reaction it’s getting; good and bad. How’s that saying go? Bad press is good press. Yep that’s it. I love controversy (yep that Prince song too) and this flick delivers that on all levels. The following will have spoilers and I highly suggest you wait to read this article until you watch it. That said, strap up boys and girls and let’s kick this pig.

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On Your Mark. Get Ready…Survive. Today’s Signs of the Apocalypse

So it’s your last hours before stress kicks in and you really need to start watching your ass for zombies, asteroids, aliens, machines, nature, disease, ect. Tomorrow the apocalypse will happen and you need to be ready. Have your survival backpack ready with all the necessities; water, canned food (maybe even astronaut food), medicine, bandages, weapons, and condoms? Yes condoms, you really want to survive and then die because of full blown AIDS? I don’t think so. Anyhoo here’s you last chance of signs you should have been paying attention to this week so you could have been one step ahead of the rest of the populace and I must say there’s no much today…must be the quiet before the storm.

  • Maybe it leads to space exploration and aliens dominating us. We just don’t know yet.

    MIT discovers a new type of magnetism. Named quantum spin liquid, QSL could lead to new ways for communications, advances in data storage, and could lead to higher temperature superconductors. Which means…I actually have no idea what it means. But they did says “the most exciting thing about quantum spin liquids is that they’re completely new, and thus we ultimately have no idea how they might eventually affect our world.” Aha! They could be destroying our world and they don’t even know it.

  •  Crime infested Oakland fires 200 policemen while giving their sports teams $17 million extra this coming year. I mean at least the policemen could do some damage because the A’s, Warriors, and especially the Raiders sure as hell don’t. Although the Warriors are winning right now, maybe that’s a good enough sign for the apocalypse.
  • Asshole actors are making a movie that is completely mocking us making a movie called ‘The End of the World’. Starring Seth Rogan, James Franco, Michael Cera, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and even Emma Watson. What a bunch of jerks. This is serious! Does look pretty funny though and they’re all using their real names. Totally dig that. Too bad we’ll never see it! Here’s the trailer for it anyways.

Wednesday’s Signs of the Apocalypse

Well to put me in the mood for the signs that we see today I’m currently listening to the Fallout 3 soundtrack. Can’t believe I’ve never done this before. Really puts me in a great mood. Pretty sure New Vegas will be next. Got to say after listening to these I wish there was a nuclear holocaust in the 40′s instead of now…seriously think about it. The most popular music would go on to survive. The top songs on iTunes right now are from Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift…yea maybe now you’ll be happy if you die in the apocalypse. Actually you know what? That’s your first sign on the apocalypse for today…that those artists control our music culture right now. Other news includes;

  • Pretty much what Russia looks like right now.

    Temperatures in Russia today went to 50 below. That’s -50 people! 45 people have already died from it. Remember that instant cold from The Day After Tomorrow? No you didn’t see it?! Good for you. Definitely someone that should survive then. Shame on you if you did.

  • A Canadian took command of the International Space Station today. A F@!#$@# Canadian! Talk about someone who will crumble if they see an alien invasion coming this week. The pacifist will probably just be okay with being an alien slave. Well thanks Canada.
  • Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, will be making a speech on a balcony on the Ecuador embassy in London. The second of such speeches apparently. The first was probably just to loll the governments to sleep, but this second one will probably out the aliens living among us which will force them out and ruin our treaties with them. Doomed people! We’re all doomed!

Tuesday’s Signs of the Apocalypse

I’ll give you at least one of these every day this week. Today to scare the living hell out of you I found out that;

  • Thankfully there was a movie called ‘Another Earth’ (not bad either)

    Another Earth Just 12 Light-Years Away?’ - Might be able to mark this as the day that we found where our first contact might be from. Five planets around the nearest star that match our sun’s luminosity has been discovered. Once again aliens looking pretty good this week. Maybe we discover the Stargate that leads to this planet with aliens that will enslave and destroy us huh?

  • ‘Spider That Builds Its Own Spider Decoys Discovered‘ - Now I’m not scared of spiders, but I know plenty of people that are. Informing them that a new spider has been found that creates decoys that can move to lure in prey is probably enough for them to think the world is going to end. At least to start making plans to destroy Peru where the spider is found.
  • Justin Bieber Girlfriend Perfume - Just found out this exists today. Seriously it’s called Justin Bieber Girlfriend. If a girl wears this, she’s too young for you bro.

Mondays Sign/s of the Apocalypse

With this being the week of the Mayan apocalypse I feel like we should visit news stories each day this week that we should have paid more attention too because when we look back on it (if we can) then we would see we could have seen it coming. Today we got a trio:

  • Some things shouldn’t be found.

    “Lake Ellsworth: Drilling effort runs into trouble - A British attempt to search for life in an ancient lake beneath the Antarctic ice-sheet has run into trouble.” Why are they continuing to try to drill here?! F!@# that! Straight out of so many horror/sci-fi movies; The Thing, Alien vs. Predator, Stargate, X-Files, Transformers. Yea get where I’m going here people? Ridiculous that they haven’t already seen this as a bad sign of things to come. Whoever had Aliens in the apocalypse office pool you’re looking pretty good here. Check the out the article.

  •  ”Mind-controlled robotic arm has skill and speed of human limb.” And was the creator of this robotic arm named Otto Octavius? Unless Spiderman has already been bit by that radioactive spider then consider New York City about to be ravaged by an octopus man. (Article)
  • Exclusive: Waterworld Remake Confirmed in Development.” You did see the original right? No explanation needed here.