The BDNS At Comic Con

The nerds are uniting again (not just the J Team this time) for Comic Con 2012. We will be in San Diego starting tomorrow through Sunday. Look to our Facebook and Twitter feeds for our all updates and pictures. Someone will be kicked out of something. James and Jon will be in a Q&A. Jeff will upset someone verbally so bad they cry. And I will try the worst pick-up lines ever on any Lara Croft or Poison (as long as she’s not actually a tranny) cosplayer. Make sure to stay in touch with us though and let us know what you want to see or hear first hand about! It’s about to get weird at the con.

Comic Con 2012: Top Panels I’m Missing

As I mentioned in my Thursday and Friday Comic Con schedule posts, I have to miss Saturday and Sunday due to work. Should I quit? Probably, but which one of you is going to support my alcohol intake? Trust me you don’t want that burden. I sulked quite a bit over the weekend as each day’s schedule of The Con was released, so I figured I should at least provide the panels I would have gone too each day. You only get my top 3 though because I may start crying if I have to write about more.

Sat. 10:00-11:00 After Earth

M. Night is at it again people. Hide yo kids. Hide yo wives. Hide yo dignity. I would like to think Will Smith wouldn’t agree to one of his movies that has a lame twist. Hell maybe it doesn’t even have one!

GAWD just look at those...eyes.

Doubt it though, that would be like Tyler Perry making a movie that didn’t have himself in it. At least that movie could have a chance to be funny. The plot takes place 1000 years after humans have left a ravaged planet Earth and Big Willy Style and his son crash land on it. And I do mean his actual son Jaden. Still though I’m intrigued and I’d really like to check this one out. However you’ll have to choose between this or…

Sat. 10:00-11:00 Attack of the Show

I’m sorry, but this is just a good show. One of the best hosts in Kevin and two hot nerdy awkward babes in Candace Bailey and 2010 POY Sara Underwood. Someone bring a drool rag and some tape to tuck it back. Just one picture with Sara and the week would have been worth it. Maybe play it cool, see if she wants to grab some drinks. Yea right, I’d probably be convulsing on the ground seizing from pleasure. I think I may have a shot if I pretended to have cancer and cosplay as Professor Xavier. May be taking it a bit far though.

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Heir To The Balcony: Ginger Respect


I think I have to boycott this movie because it feels like Pixar is trying to change the ginger culture. I’m sorry Pixar, but I really like to make fun of gingers and you will not change that. I honestly just have no interest in seeing this. My disdain for this movie is very strange because I absolutely love Pixar’s work. They’ve done this once before with Cars where I just did not care one bit to see the movie (still haven’t seen it). Another girl other than Katniss with a bow and arrow that doesn’t want to be forced into a relationship. Know your place woman and good things will happen. Someone go see it and change my mind if you can, but good luck.



Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

This looks to have the effects of a Nicolas Cage movie and probably just as bad of a story as Jonah Hex, yet I’m still drawn to it. Maybe it’s just the twist on a historical figure. Maybe it’s because someone is making vampires that don’t sparkle again. I don’t know, but I will definitely be seeing this film and then instantly regret it. It does have a few good actors in Dominic Cooper and in the villain Rufus Sewell (The Illusionist, A Knight’s Tale). Has Sewell ever been given a protagonist role since Dark City? Must feel good to be typecast as an asshole, murderous, woman beater. Oh well I doubt he’s complaining as long as he gets roles. As for the movie, think they’ll throw in some aliens at the end for a sequel? Might as well right?

Loot Of The Week: Marvel Shoes

Okay I know most of these are hideous and I wouldn’t be caught dead in them, but there are a few jewels here. The Cap shoes are pretty good and I’d definitely stomp it out to some ‘Born in the USA’ by Brucey boy in those bad boys. Mad props to the Sabertooth one as well. Little fur at the top for his mane? Nice touch. Plus they look Canadian as well. Best feature? That would be the pump for the Red Skull. Priceless. Favorites from the nerdosphere? Worst one by far has got to be Wolverines. Thanks to Liz Goodwin for the tip.

Captain America

Red Skull





Loot Of The Week – Barbie May Make My Collection

I never thought it would happen, but I may be buying a barbie doll that isn’t for my kid sister. And no I don’t buy Barbie’s for my van because let’s face it there are less expensive dolls out there and that just hurts the budget (just kidding of course, seriously when will they invent sarcasm text). Here it is though people, the Katniss Everdeen Barbie doll. If you didn’t see this coming then you don’t belong in marketing. Like many bloggers have already pointed out, our hero from The Hunger Games probably would not approve of this doll, but the Capitol would be all over this especially when she’s slutting it out on the marketing campaign in the later books. Honestly though this figure looks pretty bad ass and Barbie struck the bulls-eye with this one. If they make a Peeta doll however, I will do more horrible things to it than Sid from Toy Story. Gawd he was awful.


Via Entertainment Weekly

Heir To The Balcony: Wrath Of Your Conscience

Wrath Of The Titans

Likely Statler & Waldorf Line: S- “The only thing that’s going to feel Wrath after this movie is my health!” Dohohohoho

Has it started yet? That tug of war going on in your mind trying to decide if this Michael Bay like action flick deserves your double digit movie fare. This is definitely a ‘theater movie’ because of all the special effects, but as we all know that doesn’t make it good. Unless you’re our host Ceglia, then yes it actually does. The answer to that tug of war is yes go see this movie in theaters, but only if your theater has that early bird special or if you plan to movie hop. You know what you’re getting yourself into here. It would be hard to be worse than the first, but with a probable love side story it has potential. Just fight your Titans Worthington while you throw in every Greek myth imaginable to save your lackluster story-line. Can you tell I’m still bitter from the first?

Fool me twice shame on me 3/4

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Games, Movies, & Booze: The Ken and Ryu

In light of my visit to the 10th NorCal Regional gaming tourny last night I thought these would be a good way to end it for all the gamers who just got beat down last night. Or if you’re a huge Ryu fan and your buddy loves Ken then challenge him to see who can drink the most shots from their character to decide who’s the best once and for all. The real question is if the winner is the guy who passes out or the one who vomits?

The Hadouken

3/4 oz blue curacao
3/4 oz Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
Splash of Bacardi 151

Directions: Mix the blue curacao and Fireball in a shot glass. Layer a thin bit of Bacardi 151 (or other overproof rum) on the top and light on fire. Block to extinguish and drink! Add more Bacardi 151 to the top to make it a Shinkuu Hadouken.






The Shoryuken

1 oz Southern Comfort
.25 oz Kahlua 
.25 oz grenadine

Directions: Mix the ingredients in a shot glass, pouring the Southern Comfort over the top last.  Mash buttons and drink.

Via The Drunken Moogle

Heir To The Balcony: The Hunger Has Begun

The studios were smart this week and really didn’t release anything worth mentioning as we see the release of The Hunger Games. The movie that topped the last Twilight film for most pre-sell tickets ever sold. I’d like to go see this tomorrow morning, but who knows if I’ll be able to get tickets. This movie is going to do so well because of it’s following by both sexes in the 14-30 age range. Not just females who have no decided that when someone watches you through your window while you sleep is sexy. Let’s get to the pre-release analysis.

The Hunger Games

Likely Statler & Waldorf Line: S -”You know I lost a competition once.” W-”Yea? What was the punishment?” S -”Life in this balcony with you!” Dohohohoho

There’s not much from this movie that I’ve seen in the previews or that I’ve read about it that seems to have upset anyone. A feat very hard to considering the following. Just ask Michael Bay as of lately with the TMNT franchise. This notion is also holding true in the reviews from the critics and has a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 90%. I will say I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique from First Class), but this does seem like a pretty picture perfect role for her. Plus Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman is definitely an ideal as this character. So what’s it’s one flaw? (And I’m stretching here) How bout Lenny Kravitz as Cinna? I mean that’s a pretty awesome character to be played by someone who shouldn’t be acting. Oh well if that’s all I can say bad about then clearly it’s going to be great.

4/4 Starving For This Film

Heir To The Balcony – The Day Cage Seemed Normal

Definitely a slow weekend at the box office and we’ll probably see The Lorax continue to dominate unless people get with it and go see John Carter. Seriously go see it. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised. I will say that when I looked at the releasing this week I felt like I really dropped the ball. Why you might ask? Because Nic Cage is releasing a movie and I had no idea about it. Beware however because you’re now entering the twilight zone and here’s why…

Seeking Justice

Likely Statler and Waldorf Line – S “The only thing I’m seeking now is my diginity!” Dohohoho

Forgot the story. Forget how awesome Guy Pearce is. And forgot that someone was dumb enough to cast January Jones after X-Men First Class. But do my eyes deceive me or does Nic Cage actually seem like a decent actor here? I mean granted it looks like it could have some possible freak out moments, but none were in the trailer. I’m semi speechless right now and a little intrigued to see this. So confused right now.

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Loot Of The Week – Boomshakalaka!

Want the best game out for your iPhone or Android? Want to spend $39 less than the actual game on a system? Look no further than NBA Jam! This rendition is practically perfect. It even has the same original announcer. Tons of unlockable classic characters including the 1st one one I got Detleph Schrimf…awesome. This game will bring back your memories of a last second shot being ‘wide open’ and clanking it off the back rim as you continue to slam your controller into the ground or into your opponents head while tackling him at the same time. I haven’t tried vs mode against online players yet because I’ll probably get demolished, but I’m sure that’d be awesome as well. For just a dollar you can have this game right now. I got to say I spend a lot more time in the bathroom now and mexican food isn’t the only reason I’m on fire.