Movie Night #85 – Star Wars The Force Awakens

The nerds discuss and review the most hyped movie ever, Star Wars The Force Awakens. Does it live up to it? Tune in to find out!

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  • Jeff Budd

    We had all seen the movie a few days before we recorded this and no one remembered which droids actually travelled with Rey and Chewbacca to find Luke. It was just R2-D2. BB-8 and C-3PO are still with Leia and the Resistance.

  • Olivia Walters

    THANK YOU JEFF AND JAMES. I agree completely and I have a lot of feelings about it that not one of my friends gives a damn about so I’ll bore you guys. I would be okay with the comedy if it didn’t come off like they were trying too hard with all 10000000 references to the original trilogy. That made the script awful. and I about sh*t myself when star base killer appeared. I actually thought it was a joke/thought for a minute that i was watching spaceballs or guardians of the galaxy. I actually groaned out loud in the theatre. There were parts where it did feel like a star wars movie and the tone was great, and other parts were horrible. I’m def. one who thought it was a remake of a new hope and it kind of cheapened the plot for me. Also, I felt like they just kinda skipped over Han’s death like it was no big deal, which was disappointing :l

    I liked a lot of the action scenes and I LOVED Rey and Poe Dameron. I really didn’t like kylo ren as a villain…such a whiny little twit and I really hope they develop his character in the next movie to make him a little more interesting. I was just rolling my eyes at him the whole time. Couldn’t really take him serious with his weird temper tantrums…it almost felt comical too. I agree with James that Rey’s abilities were unbelievable and honestly the way they scripted that was just awkward and forced. Have a hard time believing she could have enough natural ability to take on kylo ren and do as well as she did in that battle, especially since he has had previous training as a jedi with Luke.

    The movie could have been worse and there were amazing moments in it, so I’m just happy they didn’t completely flop! Loved seeing the old gang together again though! Looking forward to episode 8 with a new director!