BDNS #173 Sneak preview

Greetings Nerdosphere, and Happy belated Halloween!

My Apologies for not putting out an episode last week, but I was busy enjoying the wonderful city of New Orleans. The trip did provide me with plenty to regale you with about Halloween and history.  Remember Nerdosphere if you would like to opine on what we are discussing this is my way of encouraging the nerdy discourse. You have until 9pm Monday PST to throw your 2 credits in the mix. If you want to join the discussion you can comment on this post, email us at, tweet us @theBDNS or comment/message us on our facebook page! Here is what is coming through the garbage chute this week!

RESPECT: That is the theme of this week’s show. You have been warned.

Halloween 2013: Let’s hear what you did this year everyone. It’s no secret that Halloween is pretty much my favorite holiday and I would love to hear how you all spent yours this year.  Party it up? Stay in and watch the Fred trilogy? What did you dress as? What were some amazing/creative costumes that you saw? Perhaps like Davis you saw some terrible costumes that you would like to put on blast? Don’t be shy, anything Halloween related is welcome this week.

Trailer battle: Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past:


Well, it was gamesmanship of trailer releases for Marvel Studios and Fox. Both trailers delivered the goods to amp up the excitement for their respective releases. As a lifelong Cap fan and a Brubaker lover I absolutely loved what I saw. The action looks like it’s going to be off the chain, and Sebastian Stan looks perfect as The Winter Soldier. We will discuss in more detail this week. The only downside of this trailer is well, Scarjo is still a terrible Black Widow, and no tease of the great and legendary Batroc being in it. With DOFP the tone was pitch perfect for what I want from this movie. I was struck by just how much I loved seeing Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen back doing their thing together. There was a collective groan with this trailer, and that was seeming change to focus the story once again on Wolverine. I can’t say I am surprised by the change and as much as I love Hugh Jackman in the role I do wish things were different in the X-Men cinematic universe. I am more put out still by douche bag frat guy Xavier. I truly feel Cap won the day between the two excellent previews.

Batman Arkham Origins Released: Are you hooked Nerdosphere? Can you even be bothered to leave your digital Bat Cave? Or are you beset and beside yourself with in game glitches? Aww glitches and bugs, the very reason I saved so much in Skyrim.

Thor: The Dark World: Early reviews, to mild spoilers and a disgruntled director over the mid credits scene.

Ender’s Game: Box office disappointment? What did you think of it? Was it worth the wait?

On Target/The Walking Dead Review: We have two episodes of each series to catch you up on this week!

Dear Mr. Watterson Interview: Keep an ear out for our interview with  Joel Allen Schroeder, director of this documentary on Calvin And Hobbes creator Bill Watterson! If you have any questions you would like answered feel free to send them our way.

Tune in for all that and more this week!  As always feel free to write us on any topic at! Hope you had a Happy Halloween Nerdosphere!

Remember, if you’re a nerd always say it loud, and say it proud!