BDNS #172 Sneak preview

Greetings Nerdosphere!

It is I, your faithful host James Kincaid. Most Saturday nights I unfortunately draw the short straw and have to take the graveyard shift in the bat cave and monitor the city.  Usually a slow night in Gotham so I have decided to put my time to use and begin what I hope to be a semi weekly column or preview of some of what will be discussed on the forthcoming episode of the BDNS. This is prior to our recording so if you would like to opine on what we are discussing this is my way of encouraging the nerdy discourse. You have until 9pm Monday PST to throw your 2 credits in the mix. If you want to join the discussion you can comment on this post, email us at, tweet us @theBDNS or comment/message us on our facebook page! Now that I got that out of the way here is what is coming through the garbage chute this week!

The National Toy Hall of Fame: A continuation of the conversation from last episode, and I want to hear more from you! What two nominees should get in? What toys have been snubbed so far? What head scratchers have already made it? What sentimental favorite toys from your youth or well adulthood would you like to see inducted? I really enjoyed the discussion from last week and I look forward to hearing about what you all have to say about it. Additionally I have reached out to the Toy Hall of Fame, and am in the works of setting up an interview. We will see if that materializes.

Presenting the BDNS Nerd Hall of Fame: The toy hall of fame discussion got me thinking on this as something I would humbly like to begin for The Best Damn Nerd Show. Fair warning that this may not be discussed this week, but the wheels are in motion. Who should our inaugural class be? What should be some of it’s rules and criteria? I have some names already in mind, and I am sure all of you in the Nerdosphere do as well!

Michael Bay gets some of what’s coming to him: Don’t believe everything you read about this story! You are getting the straight report right here gang. 4 brave freedom fighters in Hong Kong armed only with their conviction and apparently an air conditioner attempted to avenge many of the crimes perpetrated against our childhood by Michael Bay. So strong were these brave men’s passion that it took 15 fascist riot police to remove them from the set of the latest Bayformers.

On Target & The Walking Dead:  How sweet it is to have both of these gems back every week! As per usual we will offer you our thoughts on the latest episode.

Comic Talk with MarC: Please note the spelling of his name folks. Every time you spell it with a K we come closer to another wrestling segment on the show.

Halloween is nigh: It is almost here people! As most of you know it is one of my favorite holidays and times of year. So what are you dressing as? What sort of traditions do you hold? What are some of your favorite costumes you have pulled off? Any awesome/awful moments from Halloween you care to share? Keep em coming through the month!

We will be discussing more this week, but I wanted to try this out and get the conversation going. As always feel free to write us on any topic at! Hope you had a great weekend Nerdosphere!

Remember, if you’re a nerd always say it loud, and say it proud!

P.S. If you haven’t watched this yet, treat yourself!


  • Joel Bailey

    More wrestling talk

  • Joel Bailey

    In all reality.. I’d like more comparisons to the Walking Dead comic from time to time.