Episode #156

The Nerds discuss Comic-Con, Falling Skies, The Lone Ranger, A Man of Steel prequel and more!


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  • Incredulous Kryptonian

    “this doesn’t end until one of us dies!”

    Obligatory counter points:
    If we had the cure for cancer, wouldn’t we still be able to detect it? Jor-El tells kryptonians the planet is going to blow up, and then the kryptonians have time to sentence Zod for his crimes and send him off the planet… I don’t know it seems like there would have at least been a few survivors patrolling the phantom zone… I guess I just didn’t like the laser DNA.

    A bit of pedantry: Davis said he didn’t like the actor, I’m saying I didn’t like the actor and the way he was written/directed.

    Jonathan Kent’s death is the reason Clark went all depressed nomad(while keeping his powers secret to honor his dad’s wishes) and eventually stumble upon the scout ship…If Jonathan Kent lived, Clark might have stayed on the farm in this universe…probably a better outcome for Metropolis too.

    Nerds… you believe your next review is safe… I will listen to it… I will criticize it if I disagree! I will listen. I will listen, Trux. I WILL LISTEN!

  • Jeff Budd

    Sounds more like you have a problem with the origin story in regards to Krypton’s demise. Honestly, an entire planet that is leaps and bounds ahead of us technologically and only one scientist detects their end and only his wife believes him is a bit farfetched. I think it would have been better if they had copied the 90′s cartoon and have Brainiac claim there is no problem. That way you just have a planet that has become too dependent on A.I.

    Davis had a problem with the acting and you have a problem with the actual material written. Different.

    I feel the nomadic trip was going to happen anyway. He was trying to figure out who he was. Before Jonathan dies, Clark is arguing with him about how he isn’t his son. The death didn’t seem to have much of an impact in that regard.

  • Pezdrake

    IK – Totally agree and can’t believe that the BDNS gave this such praise. Pa Kent dies – DIES – to protect Clarks secret and then Clark pretty much tells Lois Lane, yeah I’m a superhero with special powers as soon as she shows up in Smallville.