The Fantastic 10: Comic-Con 2013 Exclusives


Well Nerdopsphere, June is almost over and that means Comic-Con is just around the corner along will all those exclusive goodies we nerds covet so dearly. I am breaking down in no particular order the ten coolest exclusive items that have been announced so far!



10. SDCC 2013 Gold Mini 10-Doh!
Squid Kids Ink-Booth 5150-Price: $20.00
Admittedly I know very little about Squid Kids Ink, but I think this is the perfect keepsake for the nerd on a budget who wants something on their desk or mantle to represent their trip to Comic-Con.





9. Batman #21 SDCC13 exclusive variant cover
DC Entertainment- Booth 2315-Price: $10.00
What would Comic-Con be without comic books? Being totally honest, I am a bit underwhelmed thus far from what DC is offering in terms of exclusives. The best thing making the list is a variant cover for ten bucks for a comic that you could pick up at any local comic shop. That being said, the ability to have this exclusive cover and then get it signed by the people who wrote and drew it is a nifty combo for the avid collector. I can’t get too down on DC either, not after they gave out those Owl masks for free last year.






8. Pam’s Dolphin Puppet
Factory Entertainment Inc-Booth 3351-Price: $25.00
If you are a non-Archer fan you probably think I am crazy to include this, but to those that are, you realize how awesome this is! This is a fully functional exact replica that is perfect for your next HR meeting. Lord knows the BDNS have been having a lot of those. And here is a link for those of you who need a refresher:




7. Masters of the Universe He-Man with Battle Axe and Shield Mini Bust Paperweight
Action Figures Xpress-Booth 3345-Price: $60.00
This piece is a little pricey, but speaking from experience everything I have gotten from Action Figures Xpress has been very well made. This is a great piece to compliment last year’s Power Sword/Castle Grayskull business card holder combo. This is perfect for any Master of the Universe fan.



6. Game of Thrones: 7″ Stark Shield Wall Plaque
Dark Horse Comics-Booth 2615-Price: $30.00
Last year Dark Horse had some very choice GoT items like their Hand of the King Brooch. Though I suppose a brooch is a sort of pin, isn’t it? I digress. The brooch was incredibly awesome and well-made and I expect this to be no different. My tip would be to see how many they have in stock and wait it out until the last day when they have their sale.



5. Game OF Thrones Set of 5 Exclusive Posters
Poster Party-Booth 401-Price: $30.00
As an avid poster collector this is a great deal! You get 4 full sized house posters and one GoT poster with the dragon shadow. Best bargain is for the lot, but you can buy them individually. I mean who really wants to hang up a House Tully poster anyway.



4. Cheetara 14inch and Snarf Deluxe 2 Pack
Mezco Toys-Booth 3445-Price: $50.00
The Last two ThunderCats exclusives of Mumm-Ra and Lion-O are proudly displayed on my mantle so this is an automatic buy for my collection or any Thundercats fan. I am a bit disappointed that I have to wait another year for them to release Tygra as an exclusive. If they do the Thunder kittens before him I riot.



3. Resident Evil Undercover S.T.A.R.S. Badge
Hollywood Collectibles Group-Booth 735-Price: $49.95
Simply put this is bad ass! It may be a bit pricey, but it’s an amazingly detailed metal replica from the Resident evil games, and it comes in a leather badge holder. If you are planning on a Resident Evil Cosplay, this will really complete the look.



2. Dragonball Z Exclusive 3 Piece Scouter Set
Bluefin Distribution-Booth 140-Price: $25.00
IT’S OVER 9000!! We were all thinking it. Out of everything announced so far, this may be my favorite item. For 25 bucks you get a bad ass DBZ scouter only available at the Con! It makes sound effects and comes in red, green or purple variations. This is an absolute must buy!




1. Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Boba Fett Action Figure with Han Solo in Carbonite Accesory
Hasbro-Booth 3329-Price: $44.99
Hasbro consistently produces some of the coolest exclusives year in and year out. Unfortunately the other constant are the lines for their products. This is one of the best and most detailed action figures I have ever seen and it just so happens to be for the Fett man and a hansicle in tow. It’s not cheap, but if you can beat the line this is a great one for any collector.

That does it for this round, but I am sure there are more awesome SDCC 2013 exclusives yet to be revealed!

  • Chris Davis

    Jesus, been a while since I’ve seen this ‘Top 10′. Definitely guessed your #1 and glad you put Pam’s Dolphin on there. Died when I saw that.

  • James Kincaid

    The Dolphin and the Scouter are really the most important ones to get. Wearing them at the same time.

  • Thespius

    Which one of you do I have to give sexual favors to in order to get that variant cover Batman #21? Bonus points for any signings =)

  • James Kincaid

    If all things go according to plan we got your back Thespius.

  • Thespius

    You guys rock. I need to make it out west and come and visit. Would love to hang with you guys.