Movie Night #60: Man of Steel


The nerds review the first film in the newly rebooted Superman film franchise! Beware all you Daily Bugle err Daily Planet readers, hopefully spoilers aren’t your Kryptonite!

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  • Incredulous Kryptonian

    Can’t believe all the nerds liked it… “I just think he’s kinda hot…”

    A couple nerdy rant points:
    Krypton has amazing technology; they can copy DNA into individual cells through light, terraform planets, transfer consciousness after death(Russel Crowe remembers Zod killing him), domesticated avatar creatures, ironman armor, spaceships, geleportation… but the entire race is wiped out because they decided to stay on an exploding planet? Wut.

    General Zod sounded like a little kid pretending to be a bad guy.

    Jor-El says Superman is meant to save earth… why? Superman’s not supposed to be a “Chosen One” story, I thought he was sent here to avoid geting blown up with his planet and to set a good example or something?

    The melodramatic tornado scene was stupid and unnecessary. I don’t think Jonathan Kent’s death should have influenced Clark to become superman; c’mon Snyder/Goyer/Nolan thats so spiderman/batman.

    It had a lot of action/scifi/superhero movie clichés… They did manage to avoid the fight scene between the two female leads, I was waiting for the lady general have her helmet fall off and Louis pull her hair and say “Get off my planet bitch!”… I dunno Zack Snyder could have figured something out right?

    I have no desire to sit through all that fighting at the end again. The action became really boring after a few minutes.

    Jeff Budd’s kryptonite ending would have been awesome(it would have justified the convoluted krypton terraforming element), too bad they didn’t want to do anything that thoughtful or interesting.

  • Chris Davis

    Hopefully our reviews don’t stray you away from future reviews because hey at least we’re funny right? Like pitiful funny. Your lead lady fight scene that you “wanted” instantly reminded me of Transformers 3…thanks for ruining my night.