Movie Night #58: Iron Man 3


The nerds review the third installment of Iron Man. This review is complete with spoilers you’ll neverrrrr see coming.

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  • Graham Finch

    Yay! Movie Night is back!

  • Chris Davis

    The quack attack is back jack!

  • Pezdrake

    Liked your review. This was very close to being a good movie. They could have focused on the internal conflict in Tony – is he only feeling safe in the Iron Man costume and who is he without the armor? That would have been a great third installment where he sees it’s not the suit but his own ingenuity that defines him and the suit is just part of that. IT was close to that but it just didn’t quite make it.

  • Alan Morton

    I wanted more of Tony Stark in the suit and kicking ass…there was hardly any of that

  • Pezdrake

    I feel we got three movies filled with that already. I’m okay with something different.

  • Joe

    I really need to hear Mandarin sing Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

  • Chris Davis

    Taylor’s desperation of love is unmatched. Will be hard to harness that intimate power she holds within that quivering vagina.