Iron Man 3 Review *Spoilers Abound*

You lose your hat back there? Heard a kid lost his head trying to show off on that roller coaster of a movie that was Iron man 3. After perusing a ton of other reviews for this movie I can definitely say I’m stoked at the reaction it’s getting; good and bad. How’s that saying go? Bad press is good press. Yep that’s it. I love controversy (yep that Prince song too) and this flick delivers that on all levels. The following will have spoilers and I highly suggest you wait to read this article until you watch it. That said, strap up boys and girls and let’s kick this pig.

Where to start other than the beginning. I mean besides the fact that the main villain ISN’T THE GOD DAMN MANDARIN. Now that I’ve stood on a chair and yelled that it’s time for all of us to take a deep breathe and take this movie for what it is; a damn good comic book action comedy romp. BOOM! See what I did there, I led you one way thinking I hated this movie, but actually I decided not to be a crazy fan boy and take a step back and look at this movie as a whole. A lot like what a lot of people are upset about; the marketing and ‘lies’ they fed us.

Notice anything wrong here? Nope cause he’s not actually The Mandarin.

A ton of money and time went into marketing this movie and keeping the main villain a secret. Bravo on all accounts keeping all of this hush hush for so long, especially in the world we live in today. Take a look though at what they did here. They completely matched their marketing tactics with their story line. Misdirection everywhere. I know a lot of you wanted The Mandarin (as did I), but I would have been pretty pissed if that’s all we were getting of The Mandarin through the first portion of the movie. The fact that it turns out he was an actor (love you Trevor!) they were then able to focus more on the Extremis story line. A Story line that demands the full length movie that it got, no matter how bad Dr. Maya Hansen’s character was (will be mentioned later as well). The Mandarin is great, but I’m actually very glad still it wasn’t Ben Kingsley (hated his god damn voice) and that I’m sure we’ll get The Mandarin at some point. I mean look at it this way…who funded AIM to begin with? I think there’s much of this story yet to be told. Someone even mentioned that maybe Kingsley even was acting that he was an actor.                                                                                    I highly doubt it, but if so someone call M. Night.

Speaking of directors I’m hearing a lot of flack being thrown towards the tone of this movie director by Shane Black. The same director of the first two Lethal Weapons and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (a personal favorite of mine). If you couldn’t tell the tone of this movie by the opening title’s song (Eiffel 65′s ‘I’m Blue’) then I think you’re on your own. There was a lot of comedy in this movie and a lot of ‘buddy cop’ moments between Cheadle and RDJ, but I think it really worked in this movie especially since they went away from The Mandarin. If you’re doing a Mandarin film it’s probably going to have to be pretty dark and Shane Black went to his wheelhouse and stayed away from that and I applaud him for not forcing something he wasn’t comfortable with.

The last main talking point to this movie is simply that it is the first Marvel movie after The Avengers. Phase 2 for the Marvel movies is now starting and people are wondering did IM3 take it in the right direction. I can tell you I think it did. How are we supposed to accept these heroes are just fighting on their own now? Well as it was stated by Cheadle in the movie is wasn’t a ‘heroes’ type of case, it was an American case and for Tony Stark it was fucking personal.

To hit on key notes quickly on main points of this film I did and didn’t like, they are as follows:


  •  Robert Downey Jr. - Strong performance per usual, but even better with Pepper’s and Stark’s relationship. Still and probably always will be the best Iron Man ever.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow - Best Potts performance to date and absolutely loved the scene with her kicking ass with the Extremis in her system. Would have stood up and applauded, but I didn’t want to be judged by the 12 yr old girl next to me.
  • Guy Pearce - Hearing mixed reviews on Pearce and I am quite the Pearce fanboy, but I really thought his villain act was pretty menacing. The way he shredded through iron man suits and the fact that he was obviously the poster child for Extremis (was fucking breathing fire!) made him pretty cool to me.
  • Visuals - Probably a little bit of a ‘duh’ here, but the Extremis ‘baddies’ and the final battle are definitely to note here.
  • End Credits - Love the still shots from all three movies especially if this ends as a triology.


  • Don Cheadle - Yes the scenes with him are much better this time, but since when did War Machine (or Iron Patriot in this movie) become this pussy of a sidekick? Also you’re still no Terrance Howard.

    You’re still no Howard.

  • Dr. Maya Hansen - I actually like Rebecca Hall in her first two scenes, but they didn’t include her enough in the story. When she was shot I really had no idea if I was supposed to feel for her or not.
  • Extremis Story - I feel like there should have been more explanation to some of what Extremis was. Fans are complaining about this being a plot hole, but I can explain all their questions with a simple answer; each person responds differently to itStill though I can’t put my finger on what more I would like even though I know I just do.
  • After Credits Scene - Real quick. FUCK YOU MARVEL. A nice and easy hehe is fine for after the accomplishment that was The Avengers, but give me something to talk about after this one for fucks sake.

Again I understand you may still be a little pissed off that we still didn’t get The Mandarin, but I urge you to take a step back and look at this movie a bit more. You’ll find a very good comic book movie and the best Iron Man movie yet. You heard me pipsqueak…the best yet. As much as I would like to see The Mandarin as well, I think they did a great job here if it’s ending as a trilogy and left Tony in a good place.

Oh yes how could I forget my favorite line of the movie that my GF will now always hear, “You know what I’m wondering about? Where the hell is my sandwich.”

4/5 Controllers for Iron Man 3

  • Jeff Budd

    I am confused about one thing you wrote. The 12 year old you were sitting next to is the girlfriend you mention later in this review?

  • Chris Davis

    My GF was role-playing as the 12 yr old. Damn she’s a keeper