Top 10 TV Shows Of 2012

Before recording our ‘Best of 2012′ show tonight I figure I might as well go more in depth in my choices now so I can explain them a bit more here. Something to note here is that they don’t have to be new shows that started in 2012, but just what kept my interest the most and whatever the hell I deem worthy enough. I don’t care how much some of these may make you groan or move uncomfortably in your seat, this is da professors top 10 on TV in 2012.

10. Don’t Trust the B!@#$ In Apt. 23

I almost put this one at #9 just so you wouldn’t stop reading after one post, but hang with me here…it’ll get better. I mean if Jeff can watch Gossip Girl and Rossoli & Isles, then dammit I get one too! I put this on this list for one reason pretty much; James Van Der Beek. Guy freaking steals the show playing himself. Top show moment; JVDB loses his mind on Dancing with the Stars.

He’s laughing cause it hurts so good.

9. Alcatraz

Not JJ’s finest I admit, but hey it takes place in the city I live and has a pretty decent sci-fi element to it. Definitely has traces of Lost of where you know they’re just never going to answer it, but hey I loved that show to the biter end too! The cast is pretty decent as well and is mostly held down by Sam Neill as the main mysterious character. Just looked it up and turns out this show is canceled. Hmmm, fuck it. It stays at #9.


8. Alphas

Minor super heroes solving crimes by other minor super heroes.  I sell it so well don’t I?! Let’s just say they don’t make it so unbelievable that it’s ‘realistically’ enjoyable. Ah fuck, I’m losing it people and we’re only on #8. Damn Alcatraz being canceled! Gah! Losing it. This season of Alphas though was pretty awesome and introduced the baddie Stanton Parish who has been a savior to the show in my eyes.  Between his and the ‘tard Gary I definitely am still enjoying this show.

#7 Boardwalk Empire

With two episodes left for me to be fully caught up this season I can say I’m not sure how much longer this show has. I mean prohibition only lasted about 2 years and it’s got to be coming up on that in the show. And then what?! Ah who cares for now. Season 3 has been the strongest of it’s seasons (hence #7), but still holds up. You learn to just absolutely hate Gyp Rosseti pretty quickly, so the turn from last season doesn’t take long and the demise of Jimmy. Steve Buscemi is still great (a little too much at times), but I think Stephen Graham as Al Capone and Jack Huston as Harrow have clearly made names for themselves.

#6 Archer and Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

These two are going to share #6 because they consistently have me from the opening in every episode (also because I forgot Boardwalk Empire). I always get some laughs and it’s just one of the guarantees in life you don’t always get. If you can’t find yourself able to laugh at these I ask you simply, why so serious?

Someone find me a hood and out of style/time bow and arrow.

#5 Arrow

Yep Arrow finds itself at #5 people so you KNOW the next four are great. Really though I haven’t met anyone that I consider to have good taste, to not enjoy this show. Yes the actors are the CW glam version of real people, but hey they’re actually pretty decent actors behind some good writing. Sure they’re taking notes from what Batman did and yes that will run out, but hey it’s good for now! In it’s inaugural season Stephen Amell has been great as Oliver Queen and good luck deciding between Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland, or Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak to find pictures for when you’re alone at night. Really though these didn’t stay on my DVR not watched for long because Wednesday night quickly became Arrow night. Returning in 2 weeks, do yourself a favor and start watching if you haven’t.

#4 The Walking Dead

Spoilers abound here nerds so if you’re not caught up just skip to #3. Lori is finally dead! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaawww. Gawd she was getting annoying. Unfortunately T-Dog left us as well, but don’t worry they made sure to show a new black guy that same episode. Wow, it’s amazing how obvious they are about ‘not being racist’. Oh well, to distract you from that fact they introduce graphic novel favorites Michonne and The Governor. Despite leaving some pretty graphic scenes out from the novel these characters are fairly well done (however from what I hear of the novel the Governor should be much easier to dislike at this point). The story at this point is going so well in fact I’ve almost forgotten about the fact that they’re all freaking infected to begin with and all it takes is dying to turn. At least it’s making me forget about the World War Z trailers. Pretty sure the series returns in a month so hurry up and get caught up!

Olivia, the Dana Scully of this generation.

#3 Fringe

In it’s fifth and final season Fringe has delivered time and time again. We get a different look at the universe for the final season and I must say I was more than worried about the quality before the season started. Not only are they now in the future thanks to being ‘ambered’, but they introduced Olivia & Peter’s daughter all grown up. Sweet isn’t it? Turns out she was a badass though, so that proved my worst fears wrong pretty quick. Walter Bishop is still his charming and light hearted self. Broyles and Nina Sharp are in the season as well, but I wish they were a bit more to fend off The Observers. Looking back on the series I can’t say I ever saw that they would become the bad guys either. Nice little turn I must say. This quirky, light hearted sci-fi show has truly delivered on all accounts and with three episodes left I hope they can close it out right…something JJ is still trying to accomplish.

#2 Breaking Bad

Also the fifth and final season of a great series, Breaking Bad has shown that you don’t always need to go wild when you know it’s the last season. Things have semi winded down after getting rid of Gus, but then there’s the ‘what next’. Well we lose fan favorite ‘Mike’ to a misunderstanding, business is leading to overseas, and Walt’s brother in-law has him pinned as Heisenberg. Not as crazy as season 3 or 4, but it’s found a good middle ground. The second part of season 5 will start this coming summer (a trend I’m really starting to hate) and I’m hoping for at least a decent ending for Jesse, but really does he deserve it?

#1 Game of Thrones

When the phrase ‘have you bled yet’ becomes a natural pick-up line you know you have a problem. Game of Thrones is my problem. Jesus I love this series. I’m currently reading the second book (the second season) and it’s been a good trip seeing what’s different and what’s not (there’s not much, good job HBO). Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister has officially stolen the show, but there has been plenty of other good moments and characters as well. Arya, Jon Snow, Tywin Lannister, Cersei, and Jaqen H’ghar were some of my personal favorites from season two. Of course the Battle of Blackwater was pretty amazing, but scenes between Arya and Tywin, Arya and Jaqen, Daenerys in Qarth, and most of all Tyrion and Varys talking about ‘the game’. All in all HBO is killing it with this series and I can’t wait to read/watch the third season. And please remember, you don’t buy whores…you only rent them.

~ The Professor