Need To Kill A Few Hours? Here’s What Killed My Morning

While looking through Reddit’s ‘Best Of’ lists to compare my own to the people of the universe that work as much as Peter Gibbons in Office Space do, I came across the best of mobile gaming of 2012. Unfortunately the game that was getting a ton of street cred was only for iPhone, which I have recently ran away from to witness the awesomeness of the Galaxy. Come to find out though you can play it just regularly online for free. So check out Kingdom Rush people because this game lost me for about 2 hours this morning before I realized what the hell I was doing.

To describe the game play it is quite simple and it is because of such that the game is so enjoyable. A tower defense strategy game for certain you main goal is to stop the forces of goblins, trolls, dark knights, wargs, ect. from making it to the end of the map where your city lies. You must place archery towers, barracks, wizard towers, and cannons in the best positioning to hold off the forces as best you can. At first you can probably just put any tower in any of the set spots and be just fine, but eventually if gets pretty complicated and you’re going to need to step away from your phone/pc for a while…hence this article. Anyways check out Kingdom Rush and lose yourself in a great mobile game.