C0(!< Blocking Ice Cubes

See that in the title? I still spelled cock hehe. I’m so damn clever, but not as clever as this f!@# from MIT thinks he is. He has invented ice cubes that tell you when they think you’re drinking too much. Seems to me from this video it just counts to three and then blinks red. Three drinks? 3!? F that. Sorry I’m not drunk after 3 drinks, especially if I’m just hangin have some light beers. This doesn’t pick up alcohol content, just the amount of times you drink. These frozen mistakes as will text your friends warning them when they think you’re in trouble. This would be more annoying to my friends than a Farmville invite. Apparently this came about when this MIT student had a night he couldn’t remember and ended up in the hospital. Just live and learn dude. I mean if this incident already freaked you out enough to invent these I’d say you learned your lesson. If you’re trying to prevent this from happening to others then good luck. After 3 drinks most will think they’re not impaired yet and will continue to drink and say, ‘F these ice cubes, I just wanna dance with my girls.’ Riddle me this MIT student; if you’re trying to stop girls (people in general) from drinking to much, how are you ever gonna get laid? Oh snap! Up Top! *Self high five was awarded*

  • http://twitter.com/olive_nerdette Olive

    If he’s able to make these things light up after 3 drinks, then there should definitely be a way to input body weight, etc; to determine at least how much you can drink before you can’t drive anymore- then it texts your friends to take your keys. Or at least sell them by generic body weights/body types. I think that would be a lot more helpful to people than this…give it a few months and someone will improve upon this idea and a lot less annoying. Also I feel if you have enough of these stupid little cubes in a room, anyone epileptic might go into seizure…seriously! Must they blink like that?? I hate raves and I don’t want these damn cubes turning a regular dive into that shit. And if a grown adult is getting THAT drunk from three drinks… I shake my head in shame. (jk..kind of) Anyway, it’s a lot easier to criticize than to create something, so kudos to this guy who needs to learn how to drink like a man, for creating something kind of cool. Well, it has potential.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Davis/500741168 Chris Davis

    OMG so many seizures! At least people will be forced to dance somewhat. However those are pretty much my dance moves so I’ll have to create something else. Oh well.

  • http://twitter.com/olive_nerdette Olive

    If ice cubes lighting up are the only thing getting people to dance, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. –_– And wait, the Topher Tap was actually a bunch of seizures?!………..I can see it. Everything makes sense now. :)