And Right There, BOOM! Tough Action Lawsuit

Hey remember NFL 2k5? Remember how amazing of a football game it was? If my 360 let me I”d play that for eternity as the only football game I”d ever play again. Welp that was the last time someone was allowed to make a football game other than EA. Why? Because they”ve put a stranglehold on the NFL license and have somehow got by not being a monopoly. Well guess what…they f”n are and NFL and NCAA football games have been mediocre since. No competition means no worries. It”s like hakuna matata for the corporate world. This is why Playstation”s “The Show” get”s best sports game of the year consistently because 2k is trying to keep up. What”s the point of all this professor you may be asking yourself. EA is about to answer for the last 7 years in court and we can all benefit from it. For details about how . I”m gonna draw up the next play for ya Madden; Ya see ya see right here *circles a$$hole* is where you”ve been f!@#$%^ us all these years, now if you check your bank account you”ll be seeing us taking your money.