Wednesday’s Signs of the Apocalypse

Well to put me in the mood for the signs that we see today I’m currently listening to the Fallout 3 soundtrack. Can’t believe I’ve never done this before. Really puts me in a great mood. Pretty sure New Vegas will be next. Got to say after listening to these I wish there was a nuclear holocaust in the 40′s instead of now…seriously think about it. The most popular music would go on to survive. The top songs on iTunes right now are from Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift…yea maybe now you’ll be happy if you die in the apocalypse. Actually you know what? That’s your first sign on the apocalypse for today…that those artists control our music culture right now. Other news includes;

  • Pretty much what Russia looks like right now.

    Temperatures in Russia today went to 50 below. That’s -50 people! 45 people have already died from it. Remember that instant cold from The Day After Tomorrow? No you didn’t see it?! Good for you. Definitely someone that should survive then. Shame on you if you did.

  • A Canadian took command of the International Space Station today. A F@!#$@# Canadian! Talk about someone who will crumble if they see an alien invasion coming this week. The pacifist will probably just be okay with being an alien slave. Well thanks Canada.
  • Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, will be making a speech on a balcony on the Ecuador embassy in London. The second of such speeches apparently. The first was probably just to loll the governments to sleep, but this second one will probably out the aliens living among us which will force them out and ruin our treaties with them. Doomed people! We’re all doomed!