Tuesday’s Signs of the Apocalypse

I’ll give you at least one of these every day this week. Today to scare the living hell out of you I found out that;

  • Thankfully there was a movie called ‘Another Earth’ (not bad either)

    Another Earth Just 12 Light-Years Away?’ - Might be able to mark this as the day that we found where our first contact might be from. Five planets around the nearest star that match our sun’s luminosity has been discovered. Once again aliens looking pretty good this week. Maybe we discover the Stargate that leads to this planet with aliens that will enslave and destroy us huh?

  • ‘Spider That Builds Its Own Spider Decoys Discovered‘ - Now I’m not scared of spiders, but I know plenty of people that are. Informing them that a new spider has been found that creates decoys that can move to lure in prey is probably enough for them to think the world is going to end. At least to start making plans to destroy Peru where the spider is found.
  • Justin Bieber Girlfriend Perfume - Just found out this exists today. Seriously it’s called Justin Bieber Girlfriend. If a girl wears this, she’s too young for you bro.