The War Z Finally Held Accountable

So if you haven’t been following gaming news and forums the last couple days you may not have heard about the game on Steam called The War Z that has been causing quite the stir. Why? Pretty much because the game is still in alpha testing mode and their write-up on Steam of what the game includes is pretty much completely false. Claiming that they have private servers, saying the maps are bigger than they really are, how big the servers are, ect. I must say as well when I read the write-up about the game I was really interested in trying it out. Pretty much an open world where you try to survive a zombie apocalypse. Scavenge, trade, earn skill points, no leveling, ect. Very intriguing at least to me. That is until I watched the gameplay/review video below (it’s long but just watch the first couple mins and you’ll get it).

So as you can see it looks pretty bad. If you can’t tell yet then watch more. Anyhoo after a crazy amount of emails and complaints to Steam they have pulled it off their servers and are offering a full refund. Bravo Steam, bravo. At least they can own up when they’re wrong. Executive producer of The War Z, Sergey Titov, continues to say that consumers were at fault and were reading what they wanted to hear when it clearly states on Steam what the game offers, most of which are false. Just happy they have fixed this now and hopefully Hammerpoint Interactive will finish this game because I would really like to play a final project…just not one that looks and feels like a half finished college project and trust me I know what they look like.