Mondays Sign/s of the Apocalypse

With this being the week of the Mayan apocalypse I feel like we should visit news stories each day this week that we should have paid more attention too because when we look back on it (if we can) then we would see we could have seen it coming. Today we got a trio:

  • Some things shouldn’t be found.

    “Lake Ellsworth: Drilling effort runs into trouble - A British attempt to search for life in an ancient lake beneath the Antarctic ice-sheet has run into trouble.” Why are they continuing to try to drill here?! F!@# that! Straight out of so many horror/sci-fi movies; The Thing, Alien vs. Predator, Stargate, X-Files, Transformers. Yea get where I’m going here people? Ridiculous that they haven’t already seen this as a bad sign of things to come. Whoever had Aliens in the apocalypse office pool you’re looking pretty good here. Check the out the article.

  •  ”Mind-controlled robotic arm has skill and speed of human limb.” And was the creator of this robotic arm named Otto Octavius? Unless Spiderman has already been bit by that radioactive spider then consider New York City about to be ravaged by an octopus man. (Article)
  • Exclusive: Waterworld Remake Confirmed in Development.” You did see the original right? No explanation needed here.