Manu Bennett Joins Arrow

Oh hell yea! Spartacus’ right hand Gaul joins the cast of one of my favorite new shows. It was announced yesterday that Manu Bennett has signed on to portray Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke, later in this season of CW’s Arrow. Bennett is best known for his bulky muscles and stunt-cocking Xena on Starz hit series Spartacus as the gladiator/freedom-fighter Crixus. Bennett’s Slade will be featured in a handful of episodes in a series of flashbacks to Ollie’s time spent on the island Lian Yu. Apparently an alliance will form, but for how long? Deathstroke is a major baddy for GA in the comics and I’m definitely looking forward to a solid bad guy on the series instead of the “jerk of the week” scenarios they’ve been throwing at us. And Bennett is a bad ass, great match CW. What does the nerdosphere think?