Fear After Earth

I’m not saying this is going to be a bad movie at all, but just be careful when judging a movie made by M. Night that be be absolutely ruined within the last 5 minutes by his ‘twists’. Also playing off the dialogue of a lounging Will Smith which basically states that fear is not real unless we create it ourselves. Definitely some cool dialogue, but is Big Willie Style really just going to be sitting through a whole action movie nursing his wounds while his real life/movie son goes and explores this new Earth? Sounds like it according to the movie description. Could it be a changing of the guard with the Smith’s of who will now do action movies? Guess we’ll just wait and see. As for the movie the plot takes place after a cataclysmic event on Earth 1,000 yrs ago and now species have evolved and an unstoppable alien creature has escaped from the crash to test little Jaden Smith. Visually this movie looks great (looks like some shots of where I grew up during the redwood scenes) and plot wise I’m already hooked, but will M. Night pull another ‘Happening’ on us? Nerds sound off!

  • http://www.facebook.com/luke.soin Luke Soin

    I think this is going to be another awful M. Night fail. At least we get the twist at the end of the trailer right? THEY CRASH LANDED ON EARTH! WHOAAAAH!!! I seriously don’t care. If you’re in space with spaceships and cool technology why not explore that?? Hey let’s go back to an abandoned primitive Earth even though there are probably a ton of really awesome things to see in outer space at this point. Super mega fail. Rant over, thanks for reading!