Top 5 Essential Andriod Apps for the 21st Century Nerd


Angry Birds Star Wars

In an age where we have limitless information and gadgets at our fingertips, nerds have never before had such ready access to their passions. Here is a list (in no particular order) which I find to be quintessential for any nerd, and yes… they are free.

  1. – Because smart phones were designed to waste copious amounts of time on trivial games. In this latest addition to the popular series we are given Luke Skywalker red birds and a Pig Star, battling all over Tatooine.
  2. – Too many comics are on the market nowadays and it gets difficult to keep track of our new releases, comic shopper gives you release date shopping lists, price points, and blurbs about every title out there. It”s my best friend.
  3. – Because astronomy is the shit, now you can point and view all constellations and planets in the night”s sky. It”s like having my own personal Lt. Chekov in my pocket. Though I still can”t find the Dagobah system for the life of me.
  4. – Marvel Comic”s Easter egg app let”s you behind the scenes of your favorite titles, like raw pencil sketches and scientific probabilities of an actual dark Phoenix event.
  5. – Whether fighting back hordes of storm troopers or defending against an imperial wedgie, this weapon is fawned over by many a nerd for decades. This particular model comes with customizable hilts, color crystals, and even various soundtrack options to keep you pumped and slashing toward victory.

Any app you wished to see that did not make it on the list? An app you can”t live without? And fuck iPhones