Grow Your Mullet, MacGyver is Back

After years of being recycled on USA and other trash cable networks, MacGyver has been rejuvenated for today’s godless youth. Earlier this month it was announced that a MacGyver movie is in the works, which will understandably be epic. After all, this man has defused a missile with just a paper clip, fixed a truck with only the spring of a pen, and made mullets fashionable for far too many years. Written by Bangkok Dangerous‘ Jason Richman, this new feature will be directed by non other than James Wan of Insidious and the Saw franchise.

In addition to this film, Image Comics has released the first issue – which has sold out – of a 5 part mini-series last month that is written by the shows creator Lee David Zlotoff. This is Mac’s first adventure since 1994. MacGyver becomes involved in a twisted tale of corporate espionage, Interpol agents, and sexy femme fatales all the whilst evading assassins looking to collect a million dollar bounty on his head. Art is a little weak, but MacGyverisms a plenty!

I for one am re-growing my mullet in anticipation of this film. Who’s with me?