DC Universe Online: It’s Free!!!

That”s right folks, as of November 1st SOE”s greatest hit is now totally free. On PC and PS3 you can now download the game for free and pay no subscription fees. I personally couldn”t bear the idea of paying per month to play, so I was damn excited to see this just sitting in the Playstation Store. And the free membership is awesome! Only difference is you get maxed out on two characters and have limited inventory slots. But guess what? If you spend $5 in their store, online casino on a dlc or other junk, you get upgraded to a Premium membership and get more shit. And if you”re rich, you can still subscribe $15 a month and become Legendary. But hey, free is free.

So who is gonna hop on? Who is

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reactivating accounts? There is literally nothing to loss, except countless hours of nerdom.