Comic Review: Talon #1

Talon is a new title from DC branching out of the pages from Scott Snyder’s Batman storyline Night of the Owls – Possibly the best Batman storyline since R.I.P., and one any nerd worth his weight in testicular awesomeness would know. The main character Calvin Rose is an escape artist and rogue Talon assassin of the courts who has returned to Gotham to check in on rumors of the courts recent appearance and ultimate demise by Batman and his cohorts (the court had their merry band of immortal assassins execute a great number of city officials but Batman is the shit and wrecked shop… read NotO dammit!) During Calvin’s investigation he tangos with a talon assassin and thus realizes the rumors are greatly exaggerated. As the fight resolves Calvin makes the acquaintance of an old Haggard man named Sebastian Clark (who creepily resembles an owl) who seems to hold an even stronger grudge against the court than our hero. Clark informs Calvin that the court of owls is not defeated but rather recuperating and is getting prepared to retake Gotham. Amongst the remaining court there’s also 16 Talon assassins still on the loose protecting the courts holdings, “If we eliminate their resources and neutralize their talons, they will be finished!” So now we have our hero and our mission set for the series. This issue is mostly set up and could have some promising and worthwhile adventures, especially for any Batman fan. Skeevy old men in suits tend to freak me out, so I’m still skeptical as to Clark’s true intentions but definitely dig on the arsenal and “owl cave” he has already prepared for Calvin. I’ll be checking into this title again, what is the nerdosphere’s thoughts on this latest addition in the batman family?