Comic Review: Happy! #2

“I’m in the mood for fuckery tonight.” – Nick Sax

Nick Sax is an ex-cop turned hired gun in writer Grant Morrison’s latest Happy!- a four issue mini series released by Image Comics. Its a Christmas story laden with money, sex, booze and eczema. Issue #1 laid out for us a pedder-ass Santa Claus who is collecting and rape-killing children, while our “hero” is being hunted down by the mob. Oh yea, and there is a flying blue cartoon horse named Happy. Turns out Happy is the imaginary friend of one kidnapped Hailey and has embarked on a mission to save her by enlisting the help of the only other person in the world who can see him, Nick. Issue #2 opens with Happy saving Nick’s ass by giving him directions and tips on how to escape the mob hospital he is currently residing in after the events of Issue #1. After series of exceptional panels of stabbings and bloody bludgeons by artist Darick Robertson, Nick and Happy escape and find themselves in a poker game. What follows is every poker players dream of rigged gaming hijinx- followed by Nick killing everyone in the room with a pen. But our unlikely hero is still unwilling to help Happy save Hailey and heads to the train station to skip town and save his own ass. Hailey only has a few hours left to live.

Morrison’s writing is quite exceptional in this issue, with many memorable and vulgar lines I’m sure will catch on with the kiddies. Robertson’s art really delivers, seamlessly blending the ultra violent world of Nick Sax with his small and blue animated friend flying every which way. Happy! is by far the best work Morrison has put out as of late, though to be honest his Action Comics run is atrocious and thankfully coming to an end in the new year. What has the nerdosphere thought of this series so far? How does reading indie titles compare to their mainstream counterparts for you?