Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man #698


So… We all know that the world’s greatest super hero’s journey is coming to an end in issue #700, and issue #698 is the beginning of that end. Having survived not one but two Hobgoblins in the last story arc, we find Peter Parker web swinging through NY happy as a clam and looking to rekindle his love with Mary Jane. Why ever they parted is beyond me. Most of the issue seems like a throw away piece, filling gaps between arcs, but Slott drops the hammer in the final pages, ending with a HOLY FUCK! Spidey is summoned to Doc Oc’s deathbed to wish his nemesis bon voyage; turns out our good ol neighborhood Spider-Man is actually possessed with the mind of Doc Oc, and the Peter Parker as we knew him is trapped within the frail body of the doctor’s. A damn body swap straight out of a 80′s family comedy! Except there is no personal growth here, because the doc’s heart gives out taking our Peter’s mind with it.

WTF! How long has Doc Oc been inside of our web-head? And did Slott just kill off Peter Parker? Or will the wait staff resuscitate him? All I know is Slott said he was gonna fuck shit up and have to go into hiding… this looks like the makings to be so. Amazing Spider-Man is set to cancel publication with #700 and Marvel will release a new spider book “Superior Spider-Man”. Is this to be the new Doc Spider-Man turning a new leaf? Or will Miles Morales finally show up in the 616? Your thoughts and speculations are welcomed.