Oh The Possibilities Of Star Citizen

From Chris Roberts, creator of the ‘Wing Commander’ series, comes a game that looks to be putting everything I’ve ever wanted in a game together…maybe. One year into production and still two years away from being released (barring no setbacks), Star Citizen looks absolutely brilliant. Aspects of the game I can tell include epic space battles, a single player story line on the ship, and an online multi-player universe aboard said ship (read about that one). Now for aspects I really want to be a part of this game;

  • Having only friends be a part of a crew and each player moving up in ranks aboard the ship throughout play (imagine giving friends orders). With each death comes a new character and having to work through the ranks again. How can a high officer die if not in space? That leads to…
  • Alien boarding parties. I’m talking like Cylon hallway battles. Having to stop forces from planting a bomb on your ship and guess what, if you don’t stop them then the whole ship has to start over. Boom! I want extreme consequences.
  • Command orders have consequences throughout the whole party. If you’ve ever played Battlestar Galactica the board game then you understand this one.
I could be completely off from what this game is about (I probably am), so if they don’t do this let’s start a Kickstarter campaign to get my game made. What would everyone else like to see with this game? Let’s get really creative here.
Update: Star Citizen has a Kickstarter now with a ton of info on the game.