I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

So by now I am sure all of you in the Nerdosphere have heard the bombshells that dropped today concerning Lucasfilm and specifically Star Wars. Here is a quick recap just in case you have been living in a Krayt Dragon cave in the Jundland wastes. Disney has bought Lucasfilm and the Star Wars Universe along with it for over 4 billion dollars. Lucas is out. The Star Wars legacy now resides in the hands of Disney and one Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm. As if that weren’t enough of an announcement, on the heels of the sale comes the announcement that there will be more Star Wars films. Yes, plural. The early word is that Episode 7 will be the first of a new trilogy due out in 2015, and that they hope to make one Star Wars film every few years. To quote Princess Leia “It’s not over yet.” At this point I have too many mixed emotions and have lost all mastery over the Jedi code for the day. I must meditate or lose myself to the dark side, but HOLY BANTHA S****!! I have spent the past couple of hours trying to organize my thoughts, but I have too much to say and will just save it for this weeks podcast, which will be up either late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Please give us your opinion on this news Nerdosphere! I will leave you with a video from Lucas himself as well as one from Disney on the announcement.

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    I have a feeling this week’s episode may only be about this.