Diary of a Nerdette: Yoga, Yoda…Wait, What?!

Greetings nerdlings, I hope you are all well. And yes, I am still alive, if

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you were wondering. I have recently managed to pull myself out of my spiraling “I-feel-sorry-for-myself” vortex of doom. In all seriousness though, great writing only comes when one is truely inspired. If despired is actually a word, I’m pretty sure I was that. I digress, no one cares.

Onto my point. So my inspiration for this article actually comes from how I was able to climb out of my spirally vortex of doom. How did I do that you ask? Yoga and meditation. Shut the fuck up, I know at least half of you are groaning and or facepalming. Let me explain myself.

As I was in the shower a bit ago after mostly successful yoga workout (unsuccessful in that I tried to headstand and got to eager and crashed into my desk), I was thinking to myself about yoga and in my mind, I replaced yoga, with Yoda. I called my practice Yoda.

If lightbulbs actually appeared above people’s heads when they had great ideas, this was one of those moments. Is it really just a coincidence that Yoda is only one letter off from spelling Yoga? Or am I just the last star wars fan ever to figure this one out? Either way, I thought about it more, as I started loving Star Wars even more.

As the informed know, Yoga is about complete control of mind, body, and spirit- to simplify it. It is about controlling negativity and bring positive energy to one’s being. You see where I am going with this, don’t ya? I realized I basically am practicing to become a Jedi! Both Jedi and Yogi’s (the colloquial term for one who practice’s yoga) practice control of what I have already mentioned. It’s about the ability to drown out negativity which is something I am well on my way towards. When I practice yoga, I feel in tune with everything around me and everything feels harmonious, much like a Jedi and the Force. I could also go on a linguistic rant about how I don’t think this is just a coincidence but I’ll spare you tears of boredom.

This realization made my day and I just had to share with you guys because I knew you would understand (I hope.)

On a side note, I encourage everyone to practice “Yoda”. Even if you watch others practice and feel silly, just pretend you’re Luke Skywalker, and get over the silliness. I have never felt so great in my life. It’s the first time I have ever had a “spiritual” experience…whatever you consider spiritual. Anyway, I’m done writing.

Namaste and may the Force be with you, always :)


P.S While I was tumbling this morning for yoga stuff, I came across a naked Sara Jean Underwood practicing yoga. I thought you all would appreciate this (if you haven’t watched it 10 times already). I am not providing the link, I’m keeping this post PG-13 ;) You’re welcome!

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    On a side note, apparently Robert Downy Jr. practices Yoga….I think it’s love <3 *proceeds to fangirl*..