Daredevil Now With Marvel – Good Or Bad?

As of Wednesday Daredevil’s movie right’s now belong to Marvel; taken over from Fox Studios. A deal was never made for Galactus and Silver Surfer, so our dreams of an edgy and darker Daredevil may be gone. Joe Carnahan had been rumored to be attached to the Fox project and released this sizzle reel a while back. This reel blew us away to say the least (although we didn’t know it was made by Carnahan at the time) and has had us drooling ever since. Will Disney, who obviously now owns Marvel, allow for this kind of superhero movie? I know they’ve been attached to some movies where at the end you say to yourself, “Disney was a part of that, wow didn’t see that coming,” but the fact of the matter is this is a superhero movie and they know kids will be flocking to it. I guarantee it has no chance at a ‘R’ rating, but PG-13 could still be possible. Is that good enough for you though? With Marvel so busy with The Avengers and the stand alone movies of each Avenger, I doubt we’ll find out very soon. What does the nerdosphere think? Will Marvel be blind to Daredevil’s potential greatness?