Agent Coulson Can’t Die

Well guess who’s back in your mothaf!@#$% house, Agent Coulson with a gun up in ya mouf. Sorry still reeling from a 90′s hip hop and R&B party I went to. It’s like I lived Grand Theft Auto San Andreas all in one night. Anyways to the real news. Clark Gregg, who has played Agent Coulson in multiple Marvel movies (who died in The Avengers), will be the star character in the upcoming ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ series. The fan favorite has definitely been heavily rumored to be doing just this, but now it has been confirmed. What hasn’t been confirmed is how the plan to write in how he’s still alive. Obviously we all know there’s plenty of explanations in the comic world, but which outlandish one will they use? I’m pretty partial to the full mind and body clone myself. Any ideas people? How do you want them to do it?