Fall Of Cybertron DLC May Actually Be Worth It

HA! Gotcha bitches. I will never accept DLC, unless I’m never charged more than $5 for something extremely well worth it. I’m looking at your Hearthfire, I don’t need to build a house when I’m a gawd damn DRAGON SLAYER. I sleep where I please and I take what I want. Back to this Transformers game though. This DLC will allow you to play as the promised for released Dinobots (not in release) and the Insecticons. Nerds it’s great if you’re a die hard for Transformers I get it, but I just never was and these two groups of Transformers were cheap gimmicks to make you buy more toys. So thanks to this whole trailer I’m just angry now and I shall take it out on James on the show tonight. Stay tuned.

Via Reddit