So You Solved Our Dragon Issue? Now You Get To Build A House!

Hey Skyrim…F@!$ YOU TOO! I’m sorry, but you just let me kill dozens of dragons, slay vampires, be a werewolf, and go through an epic Dwarven city and now your new DLC, Hearthfire,  is to pretty much play the Sims in first person? I didn’t buy this game to get a family then take away the doors or block them and then burn the house down with the burning bodies inside. Although now you’ve left me no choice. You can also build a greenhouse and an alchemy lab. Guess who the new meth or pot dealer is in Skyrim boys and girls? His name is Bosco and he’s gonna make Breaking Bad look like Barney. Is this what you, the fans of Skyrim were calling for? Seriously please if I’m wrong then tell me, but can you watch this video and tell me this makes more sense as aliens in a Battleship movie does (comes out today by the way on DVD, again who really cares)? I’m a little dumbfounded right now. So just watch it.