Heir To The Balcony: I Don’t Recall

Total Recall (2012)

Not only is it a slow weekend for movies, but all I get to talk about is the remake to Total Recall. Which now that I think about it I think I’ll just watch the original this weekend instead. Yes the three titted broad is back and ever hotter, but even with my raging hormones that can’t even get me to see this flick. Sure it’ll be fun and they’ll probably throw some other twist on it, but like we’ve said on the show why does this movie need a remake? Sure it was action 80′s cheeseballs, but that’s the glory of it. I’d rather see Farrell do his Bullseye character or stand in a phone booth for another 90 minutes. Ugh this is so depressing. I think karma just got me even talking about this movie because mid writing this article I got a parking ticket for parking in front of my own house. Is anyone seeing this this weekend instead of seeing Batman another time?

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    Update: 26% on rotten tomatoes. Stay away from the theaters people.