Diary of a Nerdette: Nick Cage Just Admit You’re Not Liam Neeson

At first when I saw this trailer on IMDb I thought it was a joke, or spoof or something. NOPE. This is a legitimate movie titled “Stolen”. Staring Nick Cage, he has 12 hours to retrieve his stolen daughter. Hmmm. Really Nick Cage, repeating Liam Neeson’s role is not going to make you any cooler. But to be fair, the storyline may be a little less frustrating in that his daughter appears to be less of a dumb ass than in the “Taken”….oh, and “Taken 2″ apparently. That’s just natural selection if you ask me. Anyway, I  will let you watch this video and decide if it’s worth watching. I’m going to assume a unanimous NO.

Watch the trailer here…or not.