Arrested Development Just Blue Your Mind

Arrested Development is actually coming back people…for 10 episodes to be released on Netflix. Guess what I don’t give a shit where they’re released. This just needed to happen and I’m ecstatic that it is. Is there one character you’re not going to be happy to see? I think not. Here’s the press release from the LA Times.

The day has finally arrived! After years of fans begging and months of promises, “Arrested Development” is back in production. To prove it to fans, star Jason Bateman (a.k.a. Michael Bluth) tweeted a decidedly non-spoilery photo (right) from the set.

“First day. Away we go…,” he wrote.

The cult favorite is beginning production of 10 new episodes that will be released simultaneously on Netflix early next year. Each episode of the new season is expected to focus on one of the many characters in the cast, which includes Jeffrey TamborMichael CeraPortia De RossiWill Arnettand David Cross.

Several members of the “Arrested Development” family have been teasing the show’s return on their Twitter feeds in recent days. Late last week, Bateman was showing fans pictures of his costar Cera on the set (still under construction).

And series executive producer and narrator Ron Howard showed fans photos of series creator Mitch Hurwitz hard at work in the writers’ room.