Top 3 Comic Con Exclusive Toys

I don’t care what ya’ll say I’m most likely buying these three toys plus more.

#3 Supertoast

Probably just lost all my street cred, but I’m sorry this just makes me smile so much. Maybe I should wait for a Powdered Toast Man figure, but I just don’t think it’ll ever come. Tell me you don’t want to just snuggle right up to this guy and sit him next to you as you eat your powdered or non-powdered toast. Though the inquires from a girl staying over may be taxing, just throw the Toast at her and watch her crumble. ($20)

#2 Earthworm Jim “6 Metallic Figure

I got a special place in my heart for this earthworm. His video games caused me some serious trauma and help create the little boy before you today. Just imagine this guy and a future Boogerman figure side by side. It’s a beautiful dark twisted fantasy. I’d rather not have to explain to my kids someday of who they are though. “Uh dad who’s that? Who was his enemy?” “That would be Bob the killer goldfish & Professor monkey for a head…you want to go get ice cream now?” See how great a father I’ll be?


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Arkham Asylum Joker Black & White Edition

This is the gold mine to me people. I play a lot of Arkham Asylum and this is just spot on. Just look at the detail. The game was amazing this will forever hold a place on my mantle. This Joker and at some point a Heath Ledger joker will get to

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conspire side by side. Mostly I think it’s the black and white that sets it off, but something about just really grasps me. Also going to set me back a couple meals. Now where’s that blue box mac and cheese? ($60)