Special Heir To The Balcony: Spiderman Dance Scene Anyone?

The Amazing Spiderman

This movie will not be complete without an emo spidey dance scene. How awesome would that be though? They reboot Spiderman just so they can do that scene better. I mean like a better dance routine. Toby just didn’t sell it you know? Seriously though I’m pretty stoked to go see this at midnight tonight. Still waiting on to see who’s coming with me, so it could be just me and Gwen Stacy…like so many of my daydreams. Emma Stone is a doll and whoever says she’s not pretty enough to be Gwen than why don’t you just go watch the old ones with Kirsten Dunst and see who comes running back. I know it’s only been 5 years since the last Spiderman flick, but let’s face it after that debacle they could have rebooted it in a year and we’d all be happy to erase that from our memories. I’ve also heard there’s some amazing Easter Eggs in this film for future spidey movies to intrigue you more. For the naysayers who don’t like the back story about his parents or who say The Lizard is lame, I will almost guarantee that this series will have better scripts than the last trilogy which will make these two items of debate null. Now does anyone want to hold the lotion for me tonight?