Movie News: There’s A Lot Of Walking & Confusion Coming

For your pleasure here’s some notable news from today from Topless Robot that I’m deeming worthy to briefly mention. Sorry for the briefness of my posts today, but I’m still dragging a bit from the 4 day binge drinking where I saw my best friend call it quits on life. Damn marriage. In all seriousness though it was an awesome time and I’m happy for him…blah blah blah. Let’s get back to real news.

  • The Hobbit has added another movie…to a 320 page book. That’s a trilogy now folks. For those shaky in math, that’s one movie per 106 and a third pages. The only books that have that little ratio are books that have Dr. Seuss on them. I know there’s plenty of material and they’ll probably be great (it’s Peter Jackson dammit), but don’t think I haven’t forgot about the last hour of LOTR 3 or half of King Kong.
  • The sequel to X-Men First Class has announced their movie title as X-Men: Days of Future Past. Now as much as I liked reading about this in the comics I’m kind of pissed it’s being made into a movie. First off I doubt it will be received well as it will confuse the lowly American public. Secondly it’s going to be about a story that in the long run will have no effect on the future of the series except for quotes like, “Remember when we dodged that bullet?” Call me a Negative Nancy right now, but I don’t see this ending well. Nor did I think Avengers would either, so take that with a grain of salt.