Guardians Of Middle Earth Trying To Catch Up

So our own Chris Ceglia has been updating me on this game he’s been playing lately called League of Legends or LoL. This Lord of the Rings game is exactly the same thing. You play as a ‘hero’ or ‘legend’ and face off against other ‘legends’. You don’t control the minions or the bases like in Starcraft and is much easier to pick up to play, but still has a ton of strategy. Best thing about these games is that they’re free to start playing. Money only comes into play to unlock characters for good and to not have a limited amount of characters to play as. There’s also one that has the acronym DOTA, but I don’t know what it is. Apparently these games are huge now, so look like this LOTR game is trying to cash in a bit. Still looks awesome though and I may be giving it a shot. Does anyone of the Nerdosphere play these games? If so how do you like them?