Fringe Unhinged

Ahhh see what I did there…it rhymed. Okay not a great way to start the week, but hey it was a long weekend at The Con and boy howdy did we have a good time. We”ll kick off the updates from SDCC with one of my favorite TV shows because let”s face it I”m pretty selfish. Fringe revealed it”s 5th and final season”s trailer and they don”t have to follow any rules. They get to be as bat shit crazy as they want to be, hell even Walter is saying it”s crazy. The season looks to take place all in the future timeline where the Observers have taken over and Olivia and Peter”s daughter is all grown up. Can”t say I”m looking forward to the daughter/parent relationship aspect, but the fact that they”re going to be starting Fringe events just to mess with the Observers is pretty sweet.

  • Anonymous

    Is it gonna take a year to play an entire season???

  • Chris Davis

    To my knowledge it’s 13 episodes straight through. Could easily change though, but we’ll see.