Diary of a Nerdette: Seriously, Disney?!

It is a well known fact that Disney has gone in the shitter since the 90’s for the most part. Now since they own both Star Wars and Marvel, they’re just pissing me off now. It’s not enough that they turn the Empire into a joke by having them dance around on stage at Disney World. Yes, it’s hilarious but I will never again be intimidated by Boba Fett. Now, they’re making an animated series about the Hulk and Iron Man. A quote by the President of Disney Channel, Gary Marsh:

“Two months ago, we launched Marvel Universe on Disney XD, which became the exclusive home for new Marvel television content. We’ve developed Ultimate Spider-Man. Subsequent to the success of the Avengers movie, we’ve been developing a new Avengers Assemble. We’re talking about a Hulk series and an Iron Man series, too. They’re going to spend $150 million to $200 million to make these [movie] properties and then half of that to market them; I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Thank you, Lord, you’ve made me look good.”

I am speculating that the reaction to Ruffalo and RDJ’s awesomeness together in the film sparked this idea. Yes, I “ship” them as the tumblr community would say. Anyway, I just can’t help but be THAT cynical asshole. They’re trying to ride on the success of the Avengers as long as they can. If it’s good, then fine, but I still think they’re trying too hard to ride on the Avengers coat tails. This smells very George Lucas-y. You will never be as good as the 90′s Disney! Just Stop.