Diary of a Nerdette: How To Turn Yourself Into A Superhero..Or Just Look Like One

Alrighty nerds. As we all know, we all spend a little too much time in front of screens and read too many comic books longing for the day when we too, can be as kickass as our favorite superheroes. Well, I am hear to tell you how my nerdiness has helped whip me into shape. By no means am I ready to run a marathon, but I feel fairly confident that if I ever had to run for my life, I might just survive. Ok,

I would run 5 marathons just to frak him

probably not.

Here are some people that I aspire to be as kick ass as. Create your own list!

1. Kara Thrace aka Starbuck

Like Kara, I have taken my rage/anger/sexual frustration out on my body by kicking its ass which in turn makes me feel strong enough to fuck up any toaster who looks at me the wrong way. Yes, as I am running, I picture saving Ander’s hot ass from god knows what (not that he needs saving). I also picture cylons chasing me. I swear by the lords of Kobol, it helps me run.


2. Katniss Everdeen

I don’t really need to explain this but like I said, I would like to be in shape just for self preservation sake. Also, it has inspired me to take an Archery class in the fall. Fuck yeah, self defense! ….well, it’s not like I can go around with my bow and arrows, but whatever.

Don't be in Peeta's position..he just got lucky.

Have your favorite heroes inspire you to get off your ass and be like that! I promise it’ll work, and with an awesome playlist, you’ll be in superhero shape in no time. As much as us nerdy ladies love our guys regardless, it may umm..bring about some changes in the relationship if you get what I mean ;) Added endurance could never hurt and personally, I don’t want to feel like I can kick my nerdy boyfriends ass so get to it boys and be your woman’s personal Iron Man!



Start  doing intervals of 3 minutes if you can and then take 90 seconds breaks. Repeat as much as you can. Work yourself up and be consistent.  Work up to longer times like 5 minutes and 90 seconds of a break. Add some sprints in there to really get the heart pumping. I don’t want to hear about you guys with inhalers- I have asthma and have worked myself to two miles running without stopping, something I’ve never been able to do.  So my nerdy methods clearly are working. If you don’t feel like going outside or it’s raining, youtube some cardio routines you can do to maintain those muscles. You don’t need a gym to look as hot as Chris Hemsworth.

Diet: Most of looking awesome comes from what you put in your body. Just don’t eat crap. Do baby steps. Eliminate fast food. Actually USE your kitchen. If healthy food tastes bland, just put Sriracha on it. BOOM. You have a gourmet meal! Also, if you’re super serious about your fitness plan, be sure to properly stretch before AND after to keep from getting sore muscles. A Whey Protein will also promote muscle recovery…that stuff is awesome, I will say from personal experience!

So there, I pass on my nerd inspired fitness plan to the rest of you. Let’s all get super hot and go back to high school and kick some jock’s asses! ;) Oh and maybe someday I will dress up as Wonder Woman and run the entire Great Highway by the beach :D You will probably hear about it if that happens.