Diary of a Nerdette: Egyptian Myth in LOST

I’m a few years late but I have finally finished the LOST series. Considering I started it in May and just finished the 6th season, it’s pretty safe to say I really enjoyed it for the most part. I definitely have a lot of feelings that I must share with the world. This is my nerdy diary, after all. With that said, I’m going to share with you my theories on the show based on Egyptian myth. I figured it was worth writing since most people aren’t familiar with it and this might offer an alternative explanation.

First though, I will rant about the series finale because it deserves a rant. After all the mind fucks and build up over the past few seasons, the ending was so simple and to be honest, towards the end of season 6, completely predictable. I felt like it was a cop out. It does make sense though, with the theory I’ve come up with. It’s just frustrating that things like the whole Whitmoore debacle: no real answers. Simple as that. Maybe I just rushed through it too much and missed a few things along the way. Meh.

Another rant I have real quick: Sawyer and Kate belong together, not Sawyer and Juliet. Not Jack and Kate. They are so good together, and towards the end I was just angry the entire time. Juliet was so boring to me. I just don’t understand how Sawyer ended up with her and not Kate. Well, I guess the 3 year seperation didn’t help but UGH.  I guess since they all ended up being dead, it doesn’t really matter but yeah. SONOFABITCH. (See what I did there? ;)


This leads me to discuss how much Jack annoyed me. Pretty much everything about his character. I do appreciate his willingness to take care of everybody with his Doctor skills but he took to much upon himself. I think he got a little better in the end because he shut the fuck up and didn’t have to control every little detail of everyone’s lives. He wasn’t as annoyingly perfect as he was in the beginning. Also his inability to listen to anyone’s logic but his own really ticked me off.

I really liked Sawyer because he was pretty much the complete opposite. Even though he came across as a jackass in the beginning, he was really intelligent and actually a huge softie- he just kept it all on the inside unlike Jack who was openly a whiny fucking baby. I’m pretty sure he did more whining than Aaron ever did. Just sayin’. Plus, Sawyer is hilarious. I hope to one day acquire the same gift of nicknaming as he does.

Now that I have that all out of my system, let me get to mt actual point. Most of you will probably disagree since there is really nothing to confirm or deny my thoughts.

They crashed and all died at the island. The “island” is a place between life and death- a place for judgement for the afterlife. Since there were so many Egyptian motifs in the setting of the story, I really want to believe it has something to do with how the Egyptians believed what happened to people after death. Here it goes:

First of all, the Egyptians believed that the world was in perfect balance between Ma’at and Isfet. Ma’at basically being “good” and Isfet being “bad”. According to Egyptian Custom, everyone had to live by the code of Ma’at- the Egyptian Goddess of Truth. When someone dies, they believed they were in a transition judgement period, where Osiris resided. There, the weighing of the heart ceremony happened. The heart was weighed against the feather of Ma’at (Truth). Without going into too much detail, if the deceased failed the test, their ba (soul) was fed to Ammit- the “monster”. In Egyptian myth, Ammit is a cross between a lion, hippo and croc. In Lost, I’m thinking the black smoke is the “monster” as the characters themselves called it. It gets a bit more complicated than that. I’m about to drop a nuclear bomb of knowledge on you that that will blow your mind.

Look how cute Ammit is waiting to munch on someone's soul! Awww

One of the characters at one point went on a spiritual rant about how the world is full of chaos and serenity and that the island is the balance. I think it was Daniel, but it could have been Locke. Anywho, the story about Jacob and his brother is significant and I believe it is also based on Egyptian myth and the balance of the world.

These two brothers are represented by Horus and Set in Egyptian Myth. Horus represents life and all that is good and pure, etc; and Set represents Chaos. He isn’t really the devil and evil, he just represents imperfection…that might be a better way to explain it. To sum up the Egyptian myth, Set kills Osiris, the father of both of them, in order to gain power. Horus, his “good” son, seeks revenge and basically the struggles between them represent the balance of good and bad in life. Isis uses her magic to keep Horus out of harms way while Set is out to kill him. Eventually Horus kills Set in the myth just as Jack who is the new “jacob” kills Locke, the monster. Does this sound familiar at all? By the way, the glyphs shown on the walls of the temple are real glyphs just completely bogus as far as forming words go. Just in case you cared. I sure as hell did.

That is basically my theory on the show. Why the hell would they use so many Egyptian motifs just for the hell of it? I think there is a reason, and I just explained it! Yay for some logical answers to the most confusing and frustrating show ever!


  • Ckarosky

    They didn’t die in the beginning. The writers said that it wasn’t pergatory right to our faces.

  • http://twitter.com/olive_nerdette Olive

    Yeah, this was brought to my attention yesterday- of course, after I write the damn article. I will say that it doesn’t completely discount my theory since the Egyptians believed that people should live by Ma’at in life ( the world, not just “pergatory”) was a perfect balance of Ma’at and Isfet) so when they die they aren’t judged so regardless if they didn’t all die in the beginning, they did die at some point. It still works and I want to be in denial and believe they used Egyptian glyphs and the statue on purpose instead…anyway, after reading what the writers had to say, I’m disappointed to realize that there was no point to all of the Egyptian symbols…they just didn’t care enough to create a unique setting to the island which really kind of pisses me off. At any rate, I hope it was an interesting read regardless. Would have definitely changed it a bit had I read their comments before I wrote the article.