Wreck-It Ralph, Pixar’s Upcoming Nerdgasm Flick

A video game villain is tired of being the villain. What to do? Jump ship and move on to another game so you can finally be the hero. Such a great concept. I may not be doing it justice, so just watch the trailer. Need more before to watch? Okay there’s a villain’s group meeting with Zangief, Dr. Robotnik, and many more. Worth it just for that scene alone. Pixar doesn’t screw up people (well Brave comes out this weekend, so that moment may be coming) and this movie looks to impress.

  • Anonymous

    Davis… I have being one of THOSE people and say this is just a Disney movie, not Pixar. But I think John Lasseter is a producer or something. I just have to be nitpicky when it comes to Disney.

    That said – so stoked! I’m gonna have a Wreck-it Ralph birthday party and the nerds are invited~

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Davis/500741168 Chris Davis

    Yea someone else mentioned that too, could have sworn it was Pixar but you are right. I still refuse to change it though.