Thursday At Comic Con

The schedule was released late afternoon yesterday for preview night on Wednesday and the first full day on Thursday. I can attend until late Friday night so these are definitely my main days to fully enjoy my first Comic Con experience. Luckily I have some veterans with my so I’m not too overwhelmed and just follow around hot cosplayers all day.


Apparently this is a good night to go to, but all I see is previews for five TV shows that are releasing soon, 2 of which I’m interested in. Arrow, a show about Green Arrow, is definitely the most interesting to me. The CW is attempting this hero series which I’m very on the fence about, so hopefully this preview helps push me one way or the next. Also being discussed is Revolution, a post apocalyptic series from Bad Robot Productions (JJ Abrams), Jon Favreau, and Supernatural’s Eric Kripke. I can only hope for a Fallout type production here, but maybe I should lower my expectations. Being aired on NBC this fall I will for sure be updating the nerdosphere on this possible gem.


So this will be my hopeful schedule for Thursday at The Con. If it’s anything like my experience at Wondercon though I’ll get distracted and at least miss one of these by the main floor and all it’s goodies.

Battlestar: So Say We All – 10:30-11:30

If Jon isn’t able to make this panel than it definitely won’t be as good because I think he’d give a shot at the Q&A and really provide some entertainment here. However with BSG being one of my favorite series of all time this reunion of actors and writers has me bleeding Toaster chrome.

Batman: Beyond the Night of Owls – 2:00-3:00

With the best story line in comics right now, DC is providing this panel to discuss this story and the ones to come. What will be the aftermath of the event that has changed the Dark Knight forever? This is most likely the panel I will revolve my day around and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Get there early because rumor has it James may try to take over the Q&A.

Archer Screening and Q&A – 5:00-6:00

I’m just going to see the witty banter between the voice actors here and see the preview of the new season, the latter however is really not that important. Archer is an extremely intelligent series and with H. Jon Benjamin being there how can you pass this up?

History of the Modern Zombie – 7:00-8:00

Take the time to get to this panel because the zombie apocalypse is upon us and with Max Brooks on the panel all of our pressing questions can be answered to help us survive. I want to know what his answer would be to the BDNS’s most pressing question; Where is the best place to go during humanities final moments? Our answer has always been Costco and I’d like to hear him say differently.